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Enjoy better office coffee or order fresh gourmet coffee for home!

We offer our customers throughout the United States and Canada only the highest quality, 100”% Arabica gourmet coffee beans from around the world. Great gourmet coffee at great prices!

All our Gourmet Coffee Beans are fresh roasted just prior to shipping so you are guaranteed “fresh”.

Buy 1lb or 5lb Gourmet Coffee Beans
Or Let Us Grind It for You!

Gourmet Whole Bean Coffee

100% Arabica coffee beans – only the best handpicked, mountain grown gourmet coffee including gourmet Kona coffee and Blue Mountain gourmet coffee (arguably some of the world’s best gourmet coffee)!

Natural Organic Coffee Beans

Natural gourmet organic coffee beans; no chemicals or pesticides…from tree to market!

Fair Trade Gourmet Coffee Beans

Support for farmers who reinvest in their farms and their communities!

Gourmet Decaf Coffee Beans

Naturally decaffeinated gourmet coffee beans – caffeine free!

Espresso Coffee Beans

Only the best espresso gourmet coffee beans - ideal for lattes, cappuccinos or stand alone espresso drinks!


Around the world there are 3 major Geographical Classifications for Gourmet Coffee:

  • African Gourmet Coffee
  • Asian/Indonesian Gourmet Coffee
  • And gourmet coffee beans from the Americas

All our Gourmet Coffee Beans are fresh roasted daily in small batches only. We promise fast shipping to anywhere in North America.

Other Gourmet Coffee Perks

  • Heat-sealed valve bags to keep gourmet coffee beans as fresh as they day they were roasted
  • Available in whole bean and multiple grind selections to meet your specific brewing needs
  • Small batch roasting to ensure consistent roast and superior quality control
  • New and rare gourmet coffee beans selected from the world’s best coffee farmers
  • Online gourmet coffee orders are checked & processed 3 times daily to ensure fast delivery
  • Order bulk gourmet coffee beans and SAVE ON SHIPPING
  • SAVE even more $$ by ordering 5lb bags of gourmet coffee

For the absolute freshest cup of gourmet coffee we always recommend buying "whole bean" gourmet coffee beans and grinding just prior to brewing. If you prefer, we can also grind gourmet coffee beans for you, for Drip, French Press or Espresso Grind.

Thank you for shopping online with That’s Coffee. We hope you enjoy our great tasting gourmet coffee! Ask us about Gourmet Coffee Gift Baskets!


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We offer a large selection of gourmet coffee beans from around the world, which are fresh roasted from green beans daily.
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