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Exotic World Roasts - Light to Medium Coffee Gift Samplers

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Exotic World Roasts Gourmet Coffee Sampler Gift

Our Exotic World Roasts is an extraordinary assortment of 5 of the world's most magnificent gourmet coffee beans. Java Dutch Estate is a distinct Indonesian coffee which grows on the island of Java. These hard, dense beans are packed with full on flavor! Costa Rica Reserve is a sensational mountain grown gourmet coffee with a hearty acidic aftertaste. Guatemala Antigua has an unmistakable smoky flavor and a chocolate bouquet that's very hard to resist. Gourmet India Monsooned Voyage is a uniquely aged bean with a medium roast. Prepared in very wet, damp conditions, the beans swell and are left to dry for up to two months. Last, our exotic journey brings us to the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro, where the unique pea-shaped African Tanzania Peaberry coffee bean offers up its concentrated flavor and distinct aroma. A world of exotic roasts awaits you!

Our current 'Exotic World' Roasts Gourmet Coffee Sampler includes:

Exotic World Roasts - 5 Gourmet Coffee Sample Pack

  • Great gift!
  • 5 x 1/2 pound bags
  • Heat sealed valve bags lock in freshness
  • Freshly roasted the day it is shipped 

Although not gift wrapped, each 1/2 pound of gourmet coffee comes packaged in a silver heat-sealed valve bag to ensure optimal freshness. Add a special note in the 'Special Instructions' field during checkout to make this an extra special gift!

  • Model: ExoticWorldRoasts
  • Shipping Weight: 4lbs


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