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African Tanzania Peaberry Coffee Beans

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Gourmet African Coffee Beans -
Tanzania Peaberry Coffee

A BESTSELLER! Nearly 5% of all coffee beans harvested are oval or pea-shaped instead of flat. This happens when instead of two flat-faced coffee bean halves the cherry produces only one oval bean. These rare pea-shaped coffee beans called Peaberry, are generally separated during processing to be sold as its own distinct coffee grade, like our Tanzanian Peaberry gourmet beans, which are harvested from the slopes of Mount Kilamanjaro. Higher grade Peaberry coffee beans are a rare commodity commanding a higher price but are definitely well worth it. The concentrated flavor makes for a lively cup with a lighter acidity and a very distinguished aroma.

Tanzanian Peaberry Gourmet Coffee Beans (from Africa):

  • Light/Medium Roasted
  • Available in 16 oz (1lb) and 5lb bags
  • Heat sealed valve bags lock in freshness
  • Freshly roasted the day it is shipped
  • SAVE ON SHIPPING - Order Multiples

  • Model: AfricanTanzaniaPeaberryCoffee


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