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French Roast

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Bold French Roast Gourmet Coffee Blend


Savor highly sought after, high altitude Arabica coffee beans fused into a strong and bold gourmet French Roast Blend. The specially selected high elevation Central and South American gourmet coffee beans grow at a much slower pace and are more dense (and less porous) than most coffee beans. As a result, the beans are more flavorful and feature smoky overtones and bittersweet aftertastes. If you love the low acidity of dark, heavy or Spanish roast coffees then the heavy body and bold flavors of this gourmet French roast coffee blend are just for you. Save on shipping costs by ordering in bulk and enjoy freshly roasted gourmet coffee beans preserved in heat sealed valve bags!

See more Gourmet Coffee Blends or order Organic French Roast coffee. These gourmet coffee beans are also available without the caffeine Decaffeinated French Roast.

French Roast Gourmet Coffee Blends are:
* Dark Roasted
* Available in 16 oz (1lb) and 5lb bags
* Packaged in heat sealed valve bags to lock in freshness
* Freshly roasted the day it is shipped
* SAVE ON SHIPPING - Order Multiples!

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