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Thats Noble Twin Pack

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Thatís Noble Twin Pack †† $15.25
†Natural Organic French†††† †††1/2 lb
†Brazilian Santos Gourmet†††† 1/2 lb

Ever since Louis XIV planted the first coffee plant on French soil, the French have called it the Noble tree. Youíll understand once you sample our Natural Organic French roast. If you love the flavorful punch a dark roasted coffee can deliver, but are looking for something less acidic, this delectable gourmet coffee is for you. The persuasive perfume and winning taste of this 100% rich organic French roast coffee explains why the French wanted to guard their coffee beans from the rest of the world.

Francisco de Mello Palheta of Brazil must have been a likeable fellow. Legend has it the French Governorís wife presented him with a huge bouquet of flowers. Later, he discovered the cleverly hidden seeds of the Noble Tree inside. That was centuries ago, and while you might like a good legend, this story really comes alive when you sample our Brazilian Santos Gourmet coffee beans. The Brazilians have perfected a way to dry the bean along with the berry flesh, which gives this coffee its heavy body and sweet complexity.

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