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Thats Sirius Twin Pack

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That’s Sirius Twin Pack     $17.75
Bourques Blend      1/2 lb
Jamaican Blue Blend   1/2 lb

This month’s top story is the delicious duo of Bourque Newswatch and Jamaican Blue Mountain Blend. We’re straight faced ‘Sirius’ about the great taste of these two gourmet coffee blends. The legendary Bourque is a newsworthy cup of Santo Domingo and Guatemalan coffee beans which combine to create a medium bodied coffee with a hint of flowery undertones.

Jamaican Blue Mountain blend is everything and more than you’d expect from such a lofty place, where Jamaica’s Blue Mountain mists create some of the world’s most coveted gourmet coffee beans. Atop these Jamaican mountains, local growers will tell you, that you can see Sirius shining brightly, even during the light of day. Like Sirius, the brightest star of the heavens, the delicious taste and aroma of these wonderful gourmet coffee blends will brighten your day.

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