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Light Roast Gourmet Coffee Beans

The roasting process not only alters the physical properties of gourmet coffee beans (color, density, oils) but it also transforms them chemically. The flavor and aroma of each type of coffee bean is primarily determined by the growing conditions (including soil, climate, altitude and shading, etc.) however, the coffee roasting process further enhances the natural aroma and taste characteristics of gourmet coffee beans.

Characteristics of Light Roast Coffees

Caffeine is naturally burned off in the roasting process so light roasted coffees tend to have more caffeine. Light roast coffees also have more pronounced acidic levels because the natural sugars, fats and starches are less caramelized in lighter roast coffees.

That said, depending on the gourmet coffee bean's origin and inherent characteristics, some gourmet coffees are simply better as a light roast coffee, while others fair better roasted somewhat darker.

Our selection of light roasted gourmet coffee beans include:



Ethiopia YirgacheffeEthiopia Yirgacheffe
One of Africa's best mountain grown coffees by far, and also one of the world's most sought after gourmet coffees.

Yemen Arabian Mocca Yemen Arabian Mocca
These are high mountain-grown (over 4500 feet) gourmet coffee beans with a distinctively chocolaty, fruity flavor.

Brazilian Moreninha Formosa Brazil Moreninha Formosa

These hand-picked, mountain grown gourmet coffee beans have a well balanced acidity and a rich, earthy taste.


Brazil Santos Brazil Santos
These are natural dry-processed gourmet coffee beans with a deliciously sweet fruity flavor.

Mexico Aztec Mexican Spirit of the Aztec
Enjoy the savory smooth finish and aromatic bouquet of this "Altura Pluma" coffee, Mexico's highest designation for gourmet coffee.


Panama Taylor EstatePanama Taylor Estate
Shade grown in soil rich in volcanic ash, this gourmet coffee has a rich flavor with elevated acidic levels.

Papua New GuineaPapua New Guinea
Sweetly acidic, yet with a mild fruity flavor, these gourmet coffee beans are hand-picked and sorted.


Bolivian Caranavi Natural Organic Bolivian Caranavi Natural Organic Gourmet Coffee Beans
High mountain grown in elevations up to 5800 feet delivering one of the most intriguing and delicious tasting fair trade coffees.

El Salvador Cuzcachapa Organic
'Cuzcachapa' Organic El Salvador Coffee Beans These coffee beans are slightly lighter than a regular medium roast coffee and are fresh roasted just prior to shipping.


Mexico Spirit of Aztec Decaf Decaf Mexico Spirit of the Aztec
Designated "Altura Pluma", Mexico's highest gourmet coffee designation, these gourmet coffee beans have a delicate acidity with an aromatic bouquet.



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