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Medium Roast Gourmet Coffee Beans

Roasting gourmet coffee beans naturally changes both the physical and chemical characteristics of the coffee.

Barely roasting a green coffee bean to achieve a Light Roasted Coffee results in a more acidic coffee that has more caffeine and is lighter brown in color. Alternatively, roasting a green coffee bean for a long period of time results in a Dark Roast Coffee which is less acidic, has less caffeine and is a deep dark brown color with an oily appearance.

Medium roasted coffees fall somewhere in between these two and can have subtle caramel or cocoa flavors while maintaining a milk chocolate color.

A coffee's taste and aroma is derived from a combination of how long it is roasted for and the coffee's origin; how and where it was grown, the type of soil, elevation, moisture, etc. Some coffees are best as a dark roast, and others are more suited to a light roast, the majority of the world's Gourmet Coffee beans are at their best when medium roasted.

Our selection of medium roast gourmet coffee beans range from a Light-Medium roast to a Medium-Dark Roast and includes:


Colombian Supremo Gourmet Colombian Supremo
MEDIUM ROASTED - Only wet-processed, high grade 'supremo beans' are used to ensure a well balanced, full flavored coffee; Colombian... simply among the world's best coffees.

Kenya AA Coffee Gourmet Kenya AA
MEDIUM ROASTED - Renowned for its consistency, Kenya AA is made from only the largest, highest grade east African coffee beans delivering a complex aroma and a full-bodied fruit and berry taste.

Hawaii Kona Gourmet Hawaiian Kona
LIGHT-MEDIUM ROASTED - Hawaii delivers the world's highest yield of Arabica coffee beans per acre and Kona coffee consistently ranks among the world's best specialty coffees.

Sumatra Mandheling Gourmet Sumatra Mandheling
MEDIUM-DARK ROASTED - Indonesia's premium gourmet coffee beans delivering a complex syrupy flavor with low acidity; Sumatra coffee beans are easily among the world's finest full-bodied coffees.

Guatemala Antigua Gourmet Guatemala Antigua
LIGHT-MEDIUM ROASTED - Find out why Guatemala Antigua coffee is considered by many to be some of the world's finest gourmet coffee beans; well balanced with superb smoky flavor and powerful chocolaty aroma.

Jamaica Blue Mountain Gourmet Jamaica Blue Mountain
LIGHT-MEDIUM ROASTED - Smooth, vibrant and well balanced, Jamaica gourmet coffee beans are exceptional and always in demand; the world's highest grown gourmet coffee beans!

Costa Rica Reserve Gourmet Costa Rica Reserve
LIGHT-MEDIUM ROASTED - Slow maturing, high grown Costa Rica HSB coffee beans are hard and dense but deliver a wonderfully aromatic, full-bodied taste with a robust acidity.

Java Dutch Estate Gourmet Java Dutch Estate
LIGHT-MEDIUM ROASTED - Wet processed and grown in rich volcanic soil, Indonesia's Java gourmet coffee beans deliver a heavily bodied flavor with a hint of chocolate.

India Monsooned Voyage Gourmet India Monsooned Voyage
MEDIUM ROASTED - Top grade India Arabica beans, aged to produce a mildly fermented fruity flavor in a suave, full-bodied cup of coffee.

African Tanzania Peaberry Gourmet Tanzania Peaberry
LIGHT-MEDIUM ROASTED - Rare pea-shaped coffee beans account for only 5% of all the coffee produced. Peaberry coffee beans are highly prized high grade gourmet coffee beans with a light acidity and a lively, distinguished flavor.

Bali Paradise Valley Gourmet Bali Paradise Valley
LIGHT-MEDIUM ROASTED - Handpicked, hand sorted and grown on smaller plantations, Bali gourmet coffee beans deliver a mild taste with traces of earthy Indonesian character.


Colombian Natural Organic Colombian
MEDIUM ROASTED - Renowned for its consistency, Colombian is easily the world's highest quality gourmet coffee; these are 100% naturally organic Colombian coffee beans.

Sumatra Natural Organic Sumatra Gayo
LIGHT-MEDIUM ROASTED - Hand processed and high mountain-grown, Indonesia's natural organic Sumatra Gayo delivers an earthy, vibrant acidity and a full-bodied taste.

Guatemala Natural Organic Guatemala
LIGHT-MEDIUM ROASTED - Mountain grown in rich volcanic soil, natural organic Guatemalan are hard bean gourmet coffees that deliver a rich, floral acidity with excellent body.


Peru Andes Organic Fair Trade Peru Andes Organic
MEDIUM ROASTED - Certified natural organic and handpicked as they ripen, every flavorful cup of Peruvian coffee delivers a consistency unmatched by any other coffees; mildly acidic with a sweet, nutty finish.

Bolivian Caranavi Organic Fair Trade Bolivia Caranavi Organic
LIGHT-MEDIUM ROASTED - Bolivian gourmet coffee beans are high mountain grown on small, family-run plantations delivering a deliciously spicy and heavily-bodied cup of coffee.

Dominican Organic Fair Trade Dominican Organic
LIGHT-MEDIUM ROASTED - Central America's perfect growing conditions delivers a well balanced, uniform, natural organic coffee that is pleasantly acidic; a "Treasure of the Caribbean".

Beneficio Organic Fair Trade Beneficio Organic
MEDIUM ROASTED - Shade grown, hand-picked and processed, this natural organic fair trade coffee delivers a pleasantly acidic taste with excellent body.

Ethiopia Sidamo Fair Trade Ethiopia Sidamo Organic
LIGHT-MEDIUM ROASTED - Certified natural organic, fair trade Ethiopia Sidamo is 100% Arabica gourmet coffee that delivers a bright floral aroma with a deep, wine-like spicy flavor.


Decaf Colombian Supremo Decaf Colombian Supremo
MEDIUM-DARK ROASTED - Only the highest grade, mountain grown "supremo beans" are used so that every cup of Decaf Colombian Supremo delivers a rich aroma with a well balanced, full bodied flavor.

Decaf Guatemala Antigua Decaf Guatemala Antigua
MEDIUM ROASTED - Mountain grown and shade grown, Decaf Guatemala Antigua gourmet coffee beans deliver a well balanced smoky flavor with a deliciously chocolaty aroma.

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