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Rich Roasted Coffee Blend Frak Packs

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Rich Roasted
Gourmet Coffee Frak Pack Blends

Our Rich Roasted Coffee Frak Pack Blends are the next best thing to having an in-house barista. Enjoy the intense smoky flavor of our dark French Roast coffee frak packs, perfect for office or home coffee frak pack machines. In the French Quarter, during the Civil War ground chicory root was added to coffee rations to make them last. For that same unique chocolaty taste, try our dark roast New Orleans Chicory Blend. Decaf Mexico 'Spirit of the Aztec' Coffee is a spirited coffee blend with a smooth savoring taste. For the best coffee single cup freshness, buy dark roasted bulk coffee frak packs for the office.

Select from these sumptuous dark roasted blends of gourmet coffee frak packs:

Decaf Mexico 'Spirit of the Aztec' Coffee

French Roast

Gourmet Coffee House Blend

New Orleans Chicory Blend

Rich Roasted Coffee Blend Frak Packs offer bold authentic flavor. These dark roasted coffee frak packs contain our best blends of fresh ground, dark roasted gourmet coffee beans. During the roasting process, natural sugars are caramelized, enhancing the natural flavor and aroma. For true coffee taste with less acid and less caffeine, buy these dark roasted bulk coffee frak packs for office or home use.

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