Tips for Healthy Coffee Consumption

July 28, 2014

Last week we published a blog post about new coffee and health studies that all indicate coffee can be good for you. Feeding off that article let’s continue the conversation on coffee and health.  Of course there are studies that show that caffeine can contribute to any number of ailments when taken in excess. And […]

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6 Recent Coffee Studies That Show Coffee is Good for You

July 22, 2014

There has been an argument raging for years about whether coffee is good or bad for you. Some point to the insomnia that many coffee drinkers suffer from. Others talk about the refreshing buzz they get from a morning and mid-afternoon coffee break. Some say coffee contributes to high blood pressures, while others argue that […]

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Enjoy a Cup of Coffee Trivia

July 22, 2014

When looking for interesting information about coffee we found some interesting facts worthy of the Trivial Pursuit game! Like did you know that Sanka was the first coffee brand to produce decaffeinated coffee? Or that there are coffee trees that naturally grow decaffeinated cherries? These “decaf trees” are very rare as caffeine usually acts as a coffee […]

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Proudly Introducing Our New Coffee House Blend!

July 8, 2014
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Take the top Central and South American coffee beans, add the perfect amount of Espresso coffee beans, and roast them all together to light to medium level. What do you get? Our customers speak of unparalleled fragrance and a flavor with subtle undertones of sweet caramel and chocolate and a smooth balanced finish. For a […]

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New Orleans Coffee – As Good for You As It Is To Drink

July 4, 2014
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In New Orleans there is a tradition of coffee that goes as far back as the settlement of the area by the French. Due to shortages during Civil War times, the resilient populace came up with a solution that has become ingrained into the culture that is Louisiana, particularly New Orleans. Once added to tide […]

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Our Chicory Coffee Blend Brings Mardi Gras to Your Home

June 30, 2014

Nothing says New Orleans like Mardi Gras and a fine cup of Gourmet Chicory Coffee! With its rich history, New Orleans culture was greatly influence by the French culture and their love of good coffee. During the hard economic times of the Civil War, locals began adding chicory root to their limited supply of coffee. […]

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Taste the Good Life with Our New Maui Coffees

June 25, 2014

Rising above a shimmering strand of white sandy beach on the island of Maui is the Ka’anapali Beach Resort. Once the playground of Maui Royalty it is now a world class resort destination with luxury amenities and over 30 renowned restaurants that proudly serve Maui Coffee. You see, just four miles above is a 300 […]

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Sugar Free and No Sugar Frappuccinos (Part 4 of The Skinny Frappuccino Series)

June 23, 2014

For years we have heard of the dangers of aspartame derivatives and sugars, so most of us believe there is no hope to find a tasty and healthy alternative to those delicious little white crystals. But if you are struggling to bring your diabetes under control, and that Frappuccino is looking oh so tempting, here […]

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Healthy Coffee Makes Healthy Frappuccinos (Part 3 of The Skinny Frappuccino Series)

June 11, 2014

We are now onto the third installment of our Skinny Frappucino series this summer and I have a confession to make … I am a diehard coffee drinker. When I want a Frappuccino, I want a rich, robust flavour to blend with the decadent goodness of the other ingredient. I want refreshment with strong coffee […]

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Low Fat and Non-Milk Frappuccino Options (Part 2 of The Skinny Frappuccino Series)

June 6, 2014

The standard Mocha Frappuccino works out to having 306 calories per serving, with no frills added. We wanted to see if we could lower the calorie count, by targeting the milk in this drink. Low Fat Milk Based Frappuccino Options The great thing about making your own Frappuccino at home is that you can substitute […]

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