Flavors of Africa Coffee Sampler


Gourmet Coffee Beans from Ethiopia, Tanzania and Kenya

For this coffee gift basket and sampler we’ve taken things to the continent of Africa where coffee beans were originally discovered by an Ethiopian monk and his herd of goats. The African coffee flavor profile is distinct in that it has a more “wild” taste with floral undertones and is usually finished to a light to medium roast. The African Tanzania Peaberry coffee is truly unique. It is a single pea-shaped bean instead of the typical flat bean you are used to. Only 5% of coffees are classified as Peaberry and have just one half of the coffee cherry’s pit. Harvested along Mount Kilamanjaro our Tanzania Peaberry coffee has a more concentrated flavor, lighter acidity and a notable aroma. Did you know that in Ethiopia one in four citizens depends on coffee export for their livelihood? We proudly roast and sell two of Ethiopia’s regional coffees: Sidamo and Yirgacheffe. Our Ethiopian Sidamo is very tea-like in flavor with light body and strong herbal notes, which goes perfectly with sweet desserts. The Ethiopian Yirgacheffe in comparison is both sweet and fragrant and is known as one of the world’s finest. Next we travel to East Africa and find that the Kenya AA coffee beans are the largest and highest grade among Kenya’s coffee. The unique flavors of these beans grown at high mountain elevations include a complex fruity and berry aroma with acidity similar to wine. Last but not least, the Mocca Java is a unique coffee blend of high altitude mountain grown coffee beans and Indonesian coffee beans. Perfectly balanced with a heavy body its dark roast is often a favorite of our regulars.


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