Gourmet Light Roast
Coffee Beans

Gourmet Light Roast Coffee Beans

The roasting process for gourmet light roast coffee beans not only alters the physical properties, including bean color, density, and coffee oils, but it also chemically transforms the coffee beans.

The flavor and aroma of each type of light roast coffee bean are primarily determined by the growing conditions. The soil, climate, altitude, shading, etc., are unique to each growing region, whether the coffee is grown in Brazil, Ethiopia, or Yemen. However, the coffee roasting process further enhances the natural aroma and taste characteristics of these gourmet arabica coffee beans.

What is Light Roast Coffee?

Roasting green coffee beans does not just change the color of the beans, the roasting process actually affects the taste of the beans as well. So, depending on how you prefer your coffee, for you, the right roast may very well be the light roast.

What are the differences between light roast and dark roast coffees?

Light roast coffee beans:

  • Are not roasted for as long as dark roast coffee beans.
  • Are lighter in color since the longer coffee beans are roasted, the darker the color will be.

See this Coffee Roast Guide by the National Coffee Association to learn more.

Other Characteristics of Light Roast Coffee Beans

Light roast coffees appear to have a smoother taste with mild acidity, and they don’t seem to taste quite as strong as dark roast coffee. Why is that?

The reason is that dark roast coffee beans are roasted for a longer period, which brings out more of the bean’s natural oils, acidity, and intrinsic flavors. The natural oils, sugars, and intrinsic bean flavors become more caramelized, giving the dark roast coffee a stronger distinct taste, but that doesn’t mean you will get a stronger caffeine buzz.

In fact, contrary to popular belief, dark roast coffee actually has less caffeine since much of the caffeine is burnt off during the longer roasting process.

It really comes down to personal taste. Not everyone loves spicy foods…and not everyone is into the strong distinct flavor of dark roast coffee and prefers light roast coffee beans.

Also, depending on the gourmet coffee bean’s origin and inherent characteristics, some gourmet coffee beans are simply better as a light roast coffee, while others fair better roasted somewhat darker.

So, if light roast coffee beans have always been your go-to…that’s great. We have a wonderful selection of gourmet light roast coffees from around the globe to choose from.

Our selection of gourmet light roast coffee beans includes:


Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Gourmet Coffee Beans

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe 

One of Africa’s best mountain grown coffees by far, and also one of the world’s most sought after gourmet coffees.

Yemen Arabian Mocca Gourmet Coffee Beans

Yemen Arabian Mocca

These are high mountain-grown (over 4500 feet) gourmet coffee beans with a distinctively chocolaty, fruity flavor.

Brazilian Moreninha Formosa Coffee Beans

Brazil Moreninha Formosa 

These hand-picked, mountain grown gourmet coffee beans have a well balanced acidity and a rich, earthy taste.

Brazil Santos Gourmet Coffee Beans

Brazil Santos

These are natural dry-processed gourmet coffee beans with a deliciously sweet fruity flavor.

Mexico Spirit of the Aztec Coffee Beans

Mexican Spirit of the Aztec

Enjoy the savory smooth finish and aromatic bouquet of this “Altura Pluma” coffee, Mexico’s highest designation for gourmet coffee.

Panama Boquete Gourmet Coffee Beans

Panama Boquette

Shade grown in soil rich in volcanic ash, this gourmet coffee has a rich flavor with elevated acidic levels.

Papua New Guinea Coffee Beans

Papua New Guinea 

Sweetly acidic, yet with a mild fruity flavor, these gourmet coffee beans are hand-picked and sorted


Bolivian Organic Fair Trade Coffee Beans

Bolivian Caranavi Natural Organic Gourmet Coffee Beans

High mountain grown in elevations up to 5800 feet delivering one of the most intriguing and delicious tasting fair trade coffees.

El Salvador Cuzcachapa Organic Coffee Beans

Cuzcachapa’ Organic El Salvador Coffee Beans 

These coffee beans are slightly lighter than a regular medium roast coffee and are fresh roasted just prior to shipping.


Organic Mexico Altura Tollan Coffee

Decaf Mexico Spirit of the Aztec 

Designated “Altura Pluma”, Mexico’s highest gourmet coffee designation, these gourmet coffee beans have a delicate acidity with an aromatic bouquet.

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