Gourmet Sumatra
Coffee Beans

Gourmet Coffee Beans from Sumatra are handpicked and hand-sorted twice in order to ensure only the choicest coffee beans are selected.

Gourmet Sumatra Coffee Beans – Handpicked

Sumatra is a heavy, bold tasting Indonesian coffee grown and harvested on the fertile mountain slopes of Mount Leuser, one of the highest mountain peaks in Indonesia.

Gourmet Coffee Beans from Sumatra are handpicked and hand-sorted twice in order to ensure only the choicest coffee beans are selected.

While soil, climate and other local factors play a major role in how a coffee may taste and smell, most coffee experts agree that the complex flavor notes that are characteristic of gourmet coffee Sumatra have as much to do with how Sumatra coffee beans are harvested and processed.

Harvesting & Processing Sumatra Coffee Beans

Sumatran coffee farmers have a unique coffee processing system; not quite the dry method and not quite the wet-processed method. Instead, the coffee bean processing falls somewhere in between.

The coffee beans are not dried within the cherry. Instead, the cherry skins and pulp are removed immediately after the coffee cherries are picked. The coffee beans are then left to ferment and partially dry overnight before being rinsed the following day and then dried rather haphazardly before they reach the market.

This unorthodox coffee bean processing and drying method is somewhat in-effectual so residual pulp is left to further ferment on the gourmet coffee Sumatra beans resulting in the complex fruity or chocolaty taste that is so revered by coffee aficionados.

Sumatra Mandheling Coffee

One of the specialty coffees of Indonesia is the gourmet coffee Sumatra Mandheling, grown and harvested from the Balak and Mandheling regions of Sumatra. The Sumatra coffee plantations are specifically located near the Pandang port in west central Sumatra, and are mountain grown at elevations between 2,500 and 5,000 feet above sea level.

Sumatra Black Satin Roast Gourmet Coffee Beans

Unique in flavor and richness, Sumatra Black Satin Roast is 100% Arabica coffee with a light acidity and a taste to please even the most discriminating coffee lover. This premium gourmet coffee comes from the Mandheling Province of West Sumatra, the largest island of Indonesia. Almost always dark roasted Sumatra black satin roast is known and recognized for its full bodied texture, its rich chocolaty flavor and the natural earth notes behind the pleasing aftertaste.

Sumatra Mandheling Gourmet Coffee Beans

Considered by many coffee enthusiasts to be one of the finest available gourmet coffees, Sumatra Mandheling Coffee Beans are also grown and harvested in Sumatra’s Mandheling Province on the largest island of Indonesia. These gourmet coffee beans have the characteristic rich, full bodied taste of Sumatra but with a mixed sweet flavor, heavy texture and light acidity. Sumatra Mandheling coffee beans are medium roasted and are packed fresh in heat sealed valve bags.

Sumatra Natural Organic Gourmet Coffee Beans

These full flavored gourmet Indonesian coffee beans are hand grown and harvested from the Sumatran mountain slopes and are naturally harvested and processed with the preservation of the environment in mind. Hand picked and hand sorted Natural Organic Sumatra Gayo Mountain Coffee beans are medium to dark roasted and renowned as a rich, full flavored Sumatra coffee with a bright natural acidity.

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