Our Hawaii Coffee Beans Including Kona and Maui

Did you know that Hawaii is the only place in the United States that grows coffee beans?

Our selection of Hawaii coffee has expanded over the last several years as we perfect the roasts on several types of coffee beans from Hawaii. Take a moment to browse some of the best coffee in Hawaii. You’ll be sure to say “Mahalo!”

Kona Coffee Beans

Hawaii Kona coffee beans grows on the volcanic slopes of the District of Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii is some of the most expensive and sought after coffee in the entire world. The weather, like clockwork, offers the perfect growing conditions: sunny mornings and cloudy afternoons with some rain. The mineral rich volcanic soil is unlike anything else in the rest of the world! Check out all of our Kona coffee options which are fresh roasted from coffee beans sourced from Kona, Hawaii.

Hawaii Kona Estate Coffee Beans

Hawaii Kona Estate

Pure Kona coffee beans at their best! Pure Kona coffee is extremely rare and ranks near the top of the worlds best and most highly sought after coffee, year after year.

Hawaiian Kona Reserve

Kona Reserve Coffee Blend

Experience high altitude Kona coffee beans grown in lush volcanic soil. This superb tasting Hawaiian coffee, second only to our pure Kona Estate coffee, is a must try!

Kona Cuvee Coffee Beans

Kona Cuvee Blend

The term Cuvee originally comes from the Wine Industry, where several grape varieties are combined to create a superior tasting wine. Our Kona Cuvee Hawaii coffee blend is a combination of highly sought after Kona coffee beans with carefully selected South and Central American Arabica coffee beans.

Kona Coffee Blend Coffee Beans

Kona Coffee Blend

Our Kona coffee blend is the most affordable way to enjoy Kona coffee every day of the year! You no longer have to spend a fortune or wait for special occasions to brew up a pot of Hawaiian Kona coffee! We only use the highest quality Arabica coffee beans in this blend.


Maui Coffee Beans

While the Big Island of Hawaii (Kona in particular) dominates coffee production in Hawaii there are still a few Maui coffee plantations in operation. If you enjoy Kona coffee you will also enjoy our Maui coffee options.

Maui Mokka Coffee Beans

Maui Mokka

This rare Peaberry coffee comes from original Yemen plants! This Ka’anapali coffee roast is lightly acidic with a smooth finish.

Maui Red Catuai Coffee Beans

Maui Red Catuai

A unique fusion of Maui Yellow Caturra, Caturra and Mondo Nova! This red catuai coffee from Maui is exotic with buttery spiciness and grapefruit subtleties. Add our Maui Red Catuai to your daily routine!

Maui Yellow Caturra Coffee Beans

Maui Yellow Caturra

Our mellow Maui Yellow Caturra has unique flavors that can only be attributed to the rich volcanic soil of Maui. You’ll be delighted by the hints of cinnamon and allspice and full body flavor.

Aloha Maui Coffe Blend

Aloha Maui Coffee Blend

A blend of Maui coffee beans used in our Maui Mokka and Maui Yellow! This medium roasted coffee has a bold smoothness without being a dark roast. If you drink your coffee black then this is one for you to try!


Other Coffee from Hawaii

Tropic of Coffee Blend

Tropic of Coffee Blend

Our roastmasters have carefully perfected a blend of our Hawaii Kona Estate coffee beans with Indonesian and Espresso Verdi. The result is an aromatic flavorful medium roasted coffee.

Hawaiian Kona Coffee Gift Basket

Hawaiian Kona Gift Sampler

This coffee sampler allows you to taste all of our Kona coffee beans! This coffee sample pack contains some of the most sought after coffees in the world and makes for the perfect gift for your coffee loving friends and family.