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  • Barista’s Choice Coffee Gift Set


    Our Barista’s Choice Blends are some of the world’s finest gourmet coffees. Nothing enhances a gourmet meal quite like our After Dinner Blend, made from remarkable, exotic Ethiopian coffee beans with subtle hints of chocolate. Inspired by delightful afternoons spent sipping and socializing at a charming sidewalk café, Café Coffee Blend has a full bodied essence you can always rely on to pick up everyone’s mood. Our Marrakesh Blend has a captivating complexity followed by a velvety smooth finish; always leaves them wanting more. A coffee house favorite, our Italian Roast Coffee Blend never fails to please. The goal of blending is to create a superior gourmet coffee and the E-Coffee Blend shows just how good the end results can be! An amazing value and a gift that even the most discerning coffee connoisseurs enjoy.

  • Sampler Gift – Been Around the World Coffee Beans


    Experience the flavors of the world’s most renowned coffee regions with our Been Around the World coffee sampler pack. You’ll come to love the rich, bold flavors offered by our Sumatra, Colombian, Ethiopian and Kenyan coffees! There’s a reason why many of these Arabica coffee beans are among our bestsellers.

    3 lbs Total (6 flavors x 1/2 lb bags)
    Includes Light, Medium and Dark Roasts – 100% Arabica Coffee Beans

  • Bestsellers Coffee Sampler Gift Pack


    That’s Coffee’s Best Seller’s Sampler

    You can’t possibly go wrong when ordering our Best Seller’s sample pack. You’ll get our top 7 selling coffees, each freshly roasted and packaged in our 1/2 pound heat sealed valve bags. That’s 3.5 pounds of great tasting, gourmet coffee! You are bound to find a few coffees that you can’t just live without.

  • Jamaican Blue Blend Coffee

    Gift Set – Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee


    Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Sampler Gift Pack

    Gourmet Jamaican coffees in our coffee sample packs make the perfect reward for friends, family, employees or clients!

    Nearly one million people vacation on the island of Jamaica each year; this sampler gift pack pays tribute to the island’s warm climate, exotic beaches and the summits of the Blue Mountains. Sample the best coffee Jamaica has to offer in the 100% Pure Jamaica Blue Mountain Estate coffee and enjoy the mild flavors of the Jamaican Cuvee and Blue Mountain Blend samplers.

    Taste for yourself and see why high altitude Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is the most highly sought after coffee in the world. These sample packs are designed to let you taste our Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee collection and decide for yourself which one you like best.

  • Chocolate and Coffee Lovers Gift Set


    Chocolate and Coffee Lovers Gift Sampler

    At That’s Coffee we don’t think that you should have to choose between chocolate and coffee. Why not have both? This mocha inspired gift sampler includes the very richest and most delectable chocolaty coffee flavors.

    This 3lb sampler pack can also make you the perfect holiday guest this year! Deliver a different pound of Christmas flavored coffee to each of your hosts instead of wine or flowers. Or play the part of Santa’s elves and give each of your co-workers or club members one of That’s Coffees signature flavored coffees.

  • Chocolate Lover’s Gift Set


    Are you a chocolate lover? With over 40 chocolate flavored coffees to choose from, it can get a little overwhelming. Our Chocolate Lover’s Gift Set is here to help.

  • Gourmet Decaf Coffee Gift Set


    We’ve put together five of our top selling Decaf Coffees so you can sample a little of everything and choose your preferred decaf coffee. Each half pound of decaf coffee includes the freshest roasted coffee beans packaged just for you. Ranging from a light roast to dark roast there is something in this sample pack for each of your dinner guests to enjoy at the end of the meal. These also make the perfect hostess or house warming gift!

  • E-Coffee Blend Coffee Beans

    Gourmet E-Blend Coffee Beans 25 lbs – Special


    25lb E-Coffee Special

    Our E-Coffee 25 lb Special is a specialty Arabica blend designed for the office. These gourmet coffee beans have been enjoyed in offices and waiting rooms for over 15 years. Our customers know this is an excellent blend that they can count on to be delicious and flavorful, time after time. The convenient 25 lb bags are great for offices and any place that offers coffee for waiting visitors or guests. When you order E-Coffee Special from us you can be confident in the freshness and quality of our gourmet coffee beans. What’s more, our gourmet coffee bean website offers the best prices online. Order the E-Coffee 25 lb Special blend for your beverage center today.

    Try our sister 1 or 5lb E-Coffee:

    E-Coffee Gourmet Coffee Beans 1 or 5 lb

  • Espresso Coffee Sampler

    Espresso Coffee Sampler


    This Espresso Coffee Set is designed to showcase all of our rich and aromatic espresso coffee beans. For those unsure the main espresso coffee beans difference is that the espresso coffee grind is much finer and espresso coffee beans brew in a much shorter period of time. Traditional espresso methods force boiling water through tightly packed, finely ground “espresso beans” and make a very strong, thick shot of espresso that has a creamy layer of crema on the top. Some customers ask “Can I make espresso coffee in a regular coffee machine?” Yes you can! Be sure to double up on your coffee filters to make the water move through slower and add 1Tbsp finely ground espresso beans per ¼ cup. Make sure the grounds are firmly packed. Alternatively you can use dark roast espresso coffee beans as you would any other type of coffee in your drip maker. Delicious on its own or added to steamed milked for a latte or boiling water for an Americano our espresso coffee beans are a favorite of coffee connoisseurs. Available in whole bean to grind on your own or the fine Espresso Coffee grind.

  • Ethiopian Coffee Gift Set


    Longberry, Sidamo and Yirgacheffe Coffee Beans

    This gourmet sampler pack pays tribute to the birthplace of coffee: Ethiopia. We’ve put together our three Ethiopian coffees for you try them all yourself and compare tastes or to send to your coffee loving friends and family as excellent birthday, Christmas or anytime gifts.

    The Longberry Harrar is known to be one of the oldest Ethiopian coffee varietal and are hand harvested and dry processed. You will enjoy it’s medium roast and winy chocolate undertones. The Ethiopia Sidamo coffee is both organic and fair trade and features a light/medium roast with bright floral aromas and a deep wine-like spicy flavor. The Ethiopia Yirgacheffe coffee beans are mountain grown and considered to be the very best East African coffee. It is sweet, fragrant and smooth bodied.

  • Exotic Coffee Beans – Light to Med Coffee Gift Sets


    Our Exotic World Roasts is an extraordinary assortment of 5 of the world’s most magnificent gourmet coffee beans.

  • Extra Special Coffee Sampler Gift Pack


    Extra Special Blends Flavored Gourmet Coffee Sample Pack

    We have taken the premium qualities of 100% Arabica coffee beans and enhanced them with natural flavors to bring you some of the most loved gourmet flavored coffee beans. The Extra Special Blends gourmet coffee gift basket is the perfect way to taste four of our premium flavored coffee beans. Enjoy the rich cocoa-nutty flavors of Chocolate Almond coffee beans. Watch your calories while enjoying the sweet flavors of English Toffee premium coffee beans. Be reminded of sweet treats such as brittle and caramel candies with French Caramel premium coffee beans. Sip the sweet subtle flavors of the all American favorite; Vanilla Crème gourmet coffee beans. Amazing value and an inexpensive way to try all your favorite coffee flavors; buy a gourmet coffee gift basket for a friend, colleague or client and we will send the fresh roasted beans straight to their doorstep!

  • Flavors of Africa Coffee Sampler

    Flavors of Africa Coffee Sampler


    Gourmet Coffee Beans from Ethiopia, Tanzania and Kenya

    For this coffee gift basket and sampler we’ve taken things to the continent of Africa where coffee beans were originally discovered by an Ethiopian monk and his herd of goats. The African coffee flavor profile is distinct in that it has a more “wild” taste with floral undertones and is usually finished to a light to medium roast. The African Tanzania Peaberry coffee is truly unique. It is a single pea-shaped bean instead of the typical flat bean you are used to. Only 5% of coffees are classified as Peaberry and have just one half of the coffee cherry’s pit. Harvested along Mount Kilamanjaro our Tanzania Peaberry coffee has a more concentrated flavor, lighter acidity and a notable aroma. Did you know that in Ethiopia one in four citizens depends on coffee export for their livelihood? We proudly roast and sell two of Ethiopia’s regional coffees: Sidamo and Yirgacheffe. Our Ethiopian Sidamo is very tea-like in flavor with light body and strong herbal notes, which goes perfectly with sweet desserts. The Ethiopian Yirgacheffe in comparison is both sweet and fragrant and is known as one of the world’s finest. Next we travel to East Africa and find that the Kenya AA coffee beans are the largest and highest grade among Kenya’s coffee. The unique flavors of these beans grown at high mountain elevations include a complex fruity and berry aroma with acidity similar to wine. Last but not least, the Mocca Java is a unique coffee blend of high altitude mountain grown coffee beans and Indonesian coffee beans. Perfectly balanced with a heavy body its dark roast is often a favorite of our regulars.

  • Gourmet Chocolate Explosion Coffee Bean Sample Pack


    Chocolate and coffee lovers unite! Enjoy our most popular and best chocolate flavored coffee beans with our new Gourmet Chocolate Explosion sample pack. From Dark Chocolate to Hot Fudge to White Chocolate Mousse there is something for every chocolate-loving taste palate.

    3 lbs Total (6 flavors x 1/2 lb bags)
    Medium Roast – 100% Arabica Coffee Beans

  • Sampler – Fruit Flavored Coffee Beans


    Looking for something out of the ordinary? Try our collection of fruit flavored coffees in this gourmet coffee sampler pack. Includes flavors like Chocolate Raspberry, Caramel Apple and Orange Coconut.

    3 lbs Total (6 flavors x 1/2 lb bags)
    Medium Roast – 100% Arabica Coffee Beans

  • Gourmet Golf Collection Gift Set


    Golf Collection Gourmet Coffee Sampler Gift Set

    Only the finest gourmet coffee beans were selected for our Golf Collection Gourmet Coffee Sampler Pack. This is an elite selection of the finest exotic gourmet coffees from around the world.