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Did you know that not all coffees can handle a dark roast?

It takes a special type of gourmet coffee bean to withstand the intense heat and exposure to a longer roasting process. Not all coffees can handle a dark roast. The coffee bean’s origin has a lot to do with if and how a coffee can be dark roasted. The coffee’s origin will also determine the coffee’s aroma and taste.

For instance, an espresso roast on two different types of coffee beans (say one from Indonesia and another from the Americas) will yield two completely different tasting coffees, although they may share the bold, full-bodied flavor characteristics.

What is Dark Roast Coffee?

A dark roast bean is roasted to the point that the oils within the bean have darkened. This produces a smooth, not bitter, cup of coffee. The oils are burned, but the process is stopped before the bean burns. This technique is a traditional method in making coffee since it’s one of the best methods for preserving the bean. In comparison to light roasts, dark roasts have more caffeine, more acid and more oils. A dark roast has a thicker body, like a syrupy, mouth-filling sensation. The light roasted coffee is brighter, more lively.

Is Dark Roast the Srongest Coffee?

No, the length of roast will not have an effect on the amount of caffeine. Typically, coffee beans are roasted at 240 – 420 F. The longer the roast the darker the coffee. However, the darker the roast the more bitter the coffee. Dark roasts are very popular nowadays, but darker roasts are only good for espresso, that is to say, darker roasts do not necessarily make a better cup of coffee. In fact, many people prefer light to medium roasts because they produce a more aromatic cup.

Dark Roast Characteristics

During the roasting process the natural sugars and starches are caramelized creating the distinctive oils that enhance the natural flavors and aroma of the dark roast coffee bean. The darker the roast, the less acidic the coffee becomes and the fuller and more pronounced the body and taste becomes. Dark roast coffee beans also have arguably less caffeine. Additional characteristics of dark roast gourmet coffee beans include:

 Bittersweet FlavorBold TasteSmokey
 Carbon-LikeLow AcidityOily Bean

The 3 Roast Stages of Dark Roast Coffee

There are three stages or varieties of dark roast coffee beans:

Espresso Dark Roast Coffee Beans
Espresso dark roast coffee beans are dark brown and exhibit potent caramel notes.

Italian Dark Roast Coffee Beans
Italian roast coffee beans are sweeter, oilier and somewhat more potent with burnt undertones.

French Dark Roast Coffee Beans
The intense French Roast coffee beans are darker still, with more oil and a much more intense, deliciously smokey flavor.

All three of these dark roast varities deliver a bold, intense and full-bodied cup of coffee.

Our selection of dark roast gourmet coffee beans includes:


Sumatra Black Satin Roast Coffee Beans

Gourmet Sumatra Black Satin Roast

A rare Indonesian dark roast coffee; earthy with a thick, chocolaty, full bodied texture.

Mocca Java Coffee Beans

Gourmet Mocca Java Coffee Beans

High altitude grown coffee beans from Ethiopia; perfectly blended with high grade Indonesian gourmet coffee beans to produce great coffee with a floral aroma.

After Dinner Blend Coffee Beans

Gourmet After Dinner Blend

A full bodied gourmet coffee blend of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe beans; full bodied with chocolate undertones and a sweet, smooth finish.

E-Coffee Blend Coffee Beans

Gourmet E-Coffee Blended Beans

Three varieties of Arabica gourmet coffee beans are blended to create a brand new flavor that balances the differences to create something truly special.

Verdi Espresso Coffee Beans

Gourmet Verdi Espresso Coffee Beans

Gourmet Arabica coffee beans roasted Seattle Style; bold and intense flavors that make only the best lattes and cappuccinos.

French Roast Organic Coffee Beans

Gourmet French Roast Coffee Blend

The finest high mountain grown coffee beans from Central and South America; smokey flavors and bittersweet aftertastes with a heavy body.


Organic Gourmet House Blend Coffee

Organic Gourmet House Blend 

Caramel and chocolate flavors with a smooth crisp finish are made possible by dark roasting a blend of Central and South American gourmet coffee beans.


French Roast Decaf Coffee Beans

Decaf French Roast Gourmet Coffee

Grown in a higher altitude and cooler temperatures, Decaf French roasted coffee beans, give you a rich lingering flavor; ideal for standalone espresso drinks or for making decaf lattes and cappuccinos.

E-Blend Decaf Coffee Beans

Decaf E-Coffee Blend Beans

A mix of 100% Arabica gourmet coffee beans deliver superior flavors; rich and delicious any time of the day.

Sumatra Mandheling Decaf Coffee Beans

Decaf Sumatra Mandheling Gourmet Coffee
Enjoy the distinguished fruity coffee flavors found only in these Sumatran gourmet coffee beans; low acidity and no caffeine.

After Dinner Decaf Coffee Blend

Decaf After Dinner Blend Gourmet Coffee

French roasted gourmet coffee beans with slight tastes of cardamom; mellow, satisfying and delicious.

Colombian Supremo Decaf Coffee Beans

Decaf Colombian Supremo Gourmet Coffee

Wet processed naturally decaffeinated gourmet coffee beans with indistinguishable flavor differences.

Dutch Trader Decaf Coffee Beans

Decaf Dutch Trader Gourmet Coffee

Indonesian gourmet coffee beans perfectly paired with African coffee beans to create a balanced medium bodied superb cup of coffee.

Italia Espresso Decaf Coffee Beans

Decaf Gourmet Italia Espresso Beans

Pure Arabica gourmet coffee beans create this full flavored coffee, perfect for making espresso, lattes or cappuccinos.

Verdi Espresso Decaf Coffee Beans

Decaf Gourmet Verdi Espresso Beans

Bold espresso style roasted gourmet coffee beans full of flavor and taste – without the caffeine.

New Orleans Chicory Decaf Coffee Beans

Decaf New Orleans Chicory Gourmet Coffee

Colombian coffee beans combined with natural chicory flavors create a uniquely delicious cup of gourmet coffee

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