Fair Trade Gourmet Coffee – Improving & Helping Coffee Farmers

Coffee is a social drink. It brings people together connecting friends and family, as well as associates and colleagues.

Fair trade coffee beans go one step beyond, improving the livelihood of millions of fair trade coffee farmers (and their workers & families) from around the world.

Coffee as a Commodity

It is estimated that on average only about 1% of the retail price of a cup of coffee actually goes to the coffee farmer. As a globally traded commodity, when the price of coffee drops the effects on the coffee farmers can be devastating since there is less money for even the necessities such as food, education and health care.

Some coffee farmers in places like Guatemala for instance, have even removed coffee trees and switched to more profitable types of crops.

Helping Coffee Farmers to be Sustainable

In recent years coffee suppliers, retailers and specialty coffee shops have moved towards helping the coffee farmers to become more sustainable, simply by carrying fair trade coffee beans. Thankfully the North American coffee drinking public has responded overwhelmingly and fair trade coffee beans have become a consumer driven commodity.

Fair trade gourmet coffee beans may cost a few cents more per pound but the added cost goes directly back to the coffee farmers and the fair trade coffee industry.

A modest increase to 2% of the retail price of a cup of coffee for instance, would essentially double the income of fair trade coffee growers. When coffee production becomes profitable for the coffee farmers they can take better care of their farms and their families and everybody wins.

Beneficio Natural Organic Fair Trade Gourmet Coffee Beans

Central American Beneficio Fair Trade CoffeeBeneficio Organic beans are shade grown, naturally organic Costa Rica coffee beans, handpicked and hand-sorted, then sun-dried before processing and roasting. The name Beneficio simply means for the “benefit of all”, which is based on the fundamental concept of making a difference in the world. Partial profits from the sale of Beneficio fair trade coffee beans are distributed back to the coffee farmers plus to local schools and non-profit community organizations.

Bolivian Caranavi Fair Trade Coffee Beans – Naturally Organic

Bolivian Caranavi OrganicThe source of these naturally organic fair trade coffee beans is the Bolivian mountain slopes rising above 5,800 feet above sea level. Here, the unique, cool micro climate is ideal for producing a high quality organic coffee harvest. A small group of 41 independent coffee farms, each measuring around 3 acres, produce and harvest this specialty coffee year-round. Natural Organic Bolivia Fair Trade Coffee – Colonial Caranavi affords the Bolivian coffee farmers the opportunity to re-invest in their farms improving the livelihood of their families and communities. Bolivian Caranavi fair trade coffee beans have a bright, full-bodied taste with delicate fruit tones and a dash of spiciness to them.

Ethiopia Sidamo Fair Trade Gourmet Coffee Beans – Natural Organic

Ethiopia SidamoThe dream of those in the fair trade coffee industry is to move beyond sustainability and fair compensation; they also want to empower fair trade coffee farmers and enrich the lives of their families and their communities. As certified natural organic fair trade coffee, Africa’s Ethiopia Sidamo Natural Organic Fair Trade Coffee beans are dry processed and made from 100% Arabica coffee beans. The trade name owes its origin from the place it is grown: in the Kaffa region of Sidamo province in Ethiopia. These fair trade coffee beans possess an exciting floral scent, with a complex taste of spice and wine that continues to amaze even the most discerning of palates.

Mexico Natural Organic Fair Trade Coffee Beans

Mexico OrganicMexico ranks as one of the world’s largest producers of naturally organic coffees and is fast becoming one of the primary sources for fair trade and fair trade organic coffee beans. Harvested on the high mountain ranges of the Sierra Madre Mountains in Mexico, Natural Organic Mexico Fair Trade Coffee beans are grown in the lush and verdant areas surrounded by volcanoes. Here, organic fair trade coffee flourishes in the extreme humidity and the rich, fertile volcanic soil. Mexico’s natural organic fair trade coffee beans have a deliciously moderate acidity and medium bodied taste; a favorite of coffee aficionados.

Peru Andes Natural Organic Fair Trade Gourmet Coffee Beans

Peru Andes OrganicNatural Organic Peru Andes Gold Fair Trade Coffee beans are grown and harvested on the fertile slopes of the Peruvian Andes Mountains. These are certified natural organic fair trade coffee beans that have a wholesome, medium-bodied taste, lightly acidic with a sweet, delectable nutty aftertaste. With a relatively long 7- month growing season this fair trade coffee is handpicked as the cherries ripen and harvested several times throughout the year.

Peru Natural Organic Decaf Fair Trade Gourmet Coffee Beans

Peru Organic DecafThe fair trade coffee industry provides a great service for rural coffee farmers and coffee producing communities. Partial profits from the sale of fair trade coffee beans go back to the source, helping to improve the livelihood of the farmers but also providing the means for improving coffee production and the local economies of the fair trade coffee growing regions. Swiss Water Natural Organic Peru Fair Trade Coffee beans are harvested and processed organically and while the Swiss Water decaffeinating method may be more costly, it is a more organic process and one that does not compromise the coffee bean characteristics.

Sulawesi Natural Organic Fair Trade Gourmet Coffee Beans

Sulawesi Port Icewik OrganicSulawesi Indonesian Coffee beans are a rare find exhibiting a delectably light bitterness but a full-bodied cinnamon flavor, with a spicy cedar pine aftertaste. These Indonesian fair trade coffee beans are derived from remote Sulawesi coffee plantations that produce relatively small harvests averaging about 150 kilos per acre or just 300 to 600 bags of fair trade coffee beans annually. The organic coffee trees are descended from the Yemen cultivated coffee trees, and were rediscovered recently after growing wild for more than 400 years.

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