Gourmet Coffees of Mexico

Mexico has long been the largest supplier of gourmet coffee beans to the continental United States.

Since coffee is a consumer driven commodity, and since the North American coffee culture now favors organic and fair trade coffees, the sustainable-coffee movement has been great for Mexico coffee farmers.

In fact, Mexican coffee producers have taken the lead when it comes to growing and harvesting fair trade coffees and certified organic grown coffee beans for the world coffee market.

 Mexico Coffee Industry

Mexico first starting producing mountain grown gourmet coffee beans for export back in the late 1700s. Mexico is now ranked 6th overall out of the top 20 coffee producing countries.

The southern mountainous regions of Mexico produce the majority of the available Mexican coffee beans, which for the most part, are high mountain-grown (Altura) on small locally owned and operated coffee farms.

The majority of Mexico coffee farms grow their coffee crops organically, fertilizing the coffee plants with compost that they developed themselves.

Mexico coffee beans are characteristically light bodied with a delicate flavor and a bright acidity. Many of today’s coffee blends on the market use Mexico coffee beans as their base.

 Mexico Aztec Gourmet Coffee Beans

Mexico AztecIn order to be designated “altura pluma” (the designation given by the Mexican coffee industry for excellence) Mexico coffee beans like those in our Mexico Spirit of the Aztec Coffee must be high-mountain grown, hand picked and hand graded to ensure only the best beans are chosen. These are some of the finest, best tasting Mexico coffee beans harvested from coffee farms at elevations above 4000 feet; expect a bright acidity with a wonderfully floral aroma in a medium bodied cup of coffee.

 Mexico Aztec Decaf Gourmet Coffee Beans

Mexico Spirit of Aztec DecafDecaffeinating gourmet coffee beans removes up to 97% of the caffeine and is best done while the coffee beans are still green, as in our Mexico Spirit of the Aztec Decaf Coffee Beans. The decaffeinating process for Mexico coffee beans has come a long way in recent years. The caffeine can be successfully removed without altering the aroma, flavor and taste characteristics that the Spirit of the Aztec Mexico coffee beans are renowned for. Enjoy that same aromatic bouquet and medium bodied taste… without the caffeine!

 Mexico Natural Organic Gourmet Coffee Beans

Natural Organic Mexico Fair Trade Coffee BeansMexico Organic  deliver a medium bodied taste with a delicate acidity. These Mexico coffee beans are shade grown on high mountainous coffee farms in some of the richest volcanic soils in Mexico. They are grown and harvested organically and contribute to Mexico’s reputation as a leading producer of natural organic and fair trade gourmet coffees. Expect a most delicious tasting organic coffee and take comfort in knowing that your purchase also helps improve the lives and livelihood of Mexico’s small coffee producers.

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