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Dark roast coffee between full city roast and Italian roast

Gourmet Espresso Coffee Bean – Dark & Rich

The Italian term “espresso” has several accepted meanings including;

  • Coffee made “expressly” for you
  • Coffee made quickly (express)
  • Coffee that is made using pressurized hot water (expressed)

Most coffee experts would argue that espresso coffee is not a type of roast at all but rather a specific form of coffee preparation using the proper espresso coffee equipment.

 What Is Espresso Roast?

In the last few decades coffee has become a consumer driven product and as such the newly formed coffee culture has directly affected the meaning of the word “espresso”.
When roasting coffee beans there are three primary roasting grades:

  • Light Roast Coffees
  • Medium Roast Coffees
  • Dark Roast Coffees

Within these three roasting grades green coffee beans have traditionally been roasted to eight different roast levels including:

  • Light Roast
  • Cinnamon Roast
  • Medium Roast
  • High Roast
  • City Roast
  • Full City Roast
  • Italian Roast
  • French Roast

The term “espresso roast” is primarily a North American phenomenon.

Our North American coffee culture owes its heritage to the espresso coffee maker and the Italian method of espresso coffee preparation. In North America however, espresso roast has come to mean a dark roast coffee that falls somewhere between full city roast and Italian roast.

Depending on the source, some coffee roasters will even refer to Italian roast and espresso roast as one and the same. Still others, especially coffee consumers, often refer to the best espresso roast as the type of roast used to create espresso coffee drinks.

In truth, with good quality espresso coffee equipment, one can make a good espresso coffee from virtually any roast. It really is a matter of individual taste. In Italy, the birthplace of the espresso coffee maker, the preference is to use medium roast coffee beans to make espresso coffees.

Italia Espresso Coffee Beans

This Italia Espresso coffee consists of high grade, mountain grown Arabica coffee beans handpicked and processed to ensure only the highest quality coffee beans. Italia Espresso Coffee Beans are ideal for coffees prepared in the true Italian style including cappuccinos, lattes and as standalone espresso coffee drinks. Expect a smooth complex flavor complimented by a full, rich aroma.

 Verdi Espresso Coffee Beans

Verdi Espresso Coffee Beans are roasted “Seattle style” and has also become a favorite choice for many coffee lovers. The outstanding trait of this espresso coffee is its heavy body and texture, giving a profound, intrepid flavor that is simply described as ‘beautiful’. Verdi Espresso coffee beans can also be utilized for lattes and cappuccino drinks for coffee lovers to enjoy and savor.

 Espresso Gold Coffee Beans

These gourmet espresso coffee beans are made from freshly imported Indian coffees and are roasted the Italian way. Indian coffees have a robust, fragrant and lightly acidic taste. They also give a rich and creamy espresso drink with extra body and flavor. Espresso Gold Coffee Beans go well in lattes and cappuccino drinks, and is truly a golden experience in coffee drinking.

 Espresso Prima Coffee Beans

Espresso Prima Coffees are made from 100 percent choice Arabica coffee beans mountain grown from some of the world’s best coffee growing regions. This is a high end house blend espresso coffee, roasted dark and ideal as a standalone espresso drink. Try Espresso Prima and discover its aromatic richness and bold floral taste.

 Decaf Verdi Espresso Coffee Beans

These “Seattle style” dark roasted coffee beans are decaffeinated by natural processes. You can enjoy the intrepid, distinct flavor and strong, rich bodied taste of this excellent coffee minus the caffeine. The decaffeination process used in the Decaf Verdi Espresso Coffee Beans is done before the roasting process while the beans are still green and only the caffeine is removed. Naturally decaffeinated coffees preserve the original coffee taste, aroma, and rich flavor.

Natural Organic Espresso Roast Coffee Beans

Natural Organic Espresso Roast Coffee Beans are among our bestsellers. These are naturally grown and harvested espresso coffee beans that can be enjoyed in lattes or as the ultimate cappuccino beverage. They also make excellent standalone espresso drinks. These beans are easy favorites as many coffee lovers choose the natural, home-grown flavor of this natural organic blend.

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