Gourmet African
Coffee Beans

Coffee beans of the finest quality and highest grade like Africa’s Kenya AA, Tanzanian Peaberry and Ethiopia Sidamo natural organic coffee

Gourmet African Coffee Beans

‘Gourmet’ is a term used to describe the fine qualities of either food or beverages. Gourmet Coffee Beans describe coffee beans of the finest quality and highest grade like Africa’s Kenya AA, Tanzanian Peaberry and Ethiopia Sidamo natural organic coffee.

African coffee beans have earned the determination ‘gourmet’ because they meet or exceed the five primary taste impressions: savory, bitter, sweet, sour, and salty. Distinguishing these impressions in African coffee beans is what elevates the growing number of African coffee lovers to the status of coffee connoisseurs.

African Coffee Beans by Choice

Gourmet coffee has become the international beverage of choice. From the very basic stand alone drip coffee to the most extravagant and exotic coffee roasts and flavors, gourmet coffee continues to satisfy coffee enthusiasts to no end.

Our food and beverage preferences are dictated by what tastes desirable or not and to what degree and extent it affects us. Different people have different taste preferences and it is these discerning preferences that make African coffee beans all that more desirable.

African coffee harvesting, processing, roasting and preparation are all second to none, ensuring African coffee beans will always be among the world’s most sought after and enjoyed gourmet coffee beans.

African Coffee Beans Are 100% Arabica

Coffee is grown for the most part within the Tropic of Cancer north of the equator and the Tropic of Capricorn south of the equator. There are two main types of coffee beans: the hardier but inferior Robusta coffee beans which are grown at lower elevations and have high caffeine content, plus the higher grown and better quality, Arabica coffee beans.

Arabica is the more superior bean, which a bolder, more full-bodied taste and less caffeine. Our African coffee beans are high-mountain grown, 100% Arabica coffee beans.

East African Coffee Beans

The trademark qualities of gourmet coffee beans grown in east Africa are the strong, sharp and assertive taste they deliver to the palate. These medium bodied African coffees exhibit a raw, sweet flavor that is unique from its counterpart from other regions across the globe.

Kenya AA Gourmet Coffee Beans

The Kenya AA Coffee is known to contain only the biggest and highest grade quality coffee beans that are medium roasted to perfection. These gourmet African coffee beans give out intricate fruit and berry flavors with a fermented wine-like bitterness and full-bodied texture and aroma that are unique to the taste buds. The Kenya AA coffee beans are grown and harvested from high altitude mountain slopes of over 5,000 feet, thereby producing excellence flavor and richness; a favorite of coffee lovers and enthusiasts around the globe.

Ethiopia Sidamo Gourmet Coffee Beans

The Ethiopia Sidamo Natural/Organic Fair Trade Coffee is certified naturally organic and made from 100 percent dry processed Arabica coffee beans. Ethiopian Sidamo are grown and harvested from the Kaffa region of the Sidamo province of Ethiopia where it was first discovered more than a thousand years ago. This African coffee has a light body and when medium roasted to perfection, delivers an exciting floral aroma and a heavy, spicy wine flavor to the palate. A sister coffee to the Ethiopia Sidame is the Ethiopia Yirgacheffe east African coffee.

African Tanzanian Peaberry Gourmet Coffee Beans

The Peaberry is a unique coffee bean harvest. Around 5 percent of all harvested gourmet coffee beans are oval or pea-shaped, instead of the usual flat shaped coffee beans. This occurs when the coffee cherry produces only a single bean. African Tanzanian Peaberry Coffee is distinctly processed after being harvested from the slopes of Mount Kilamanjaro in Africa. These gourmet coffee beans are relatively more expensive but always one of the most sought after gourmet coffees, and well worth it. Tanzanian Peaberry has a light, pleasantly bitter taste, with a full rich flavor and aroma. They are generally medium roasted to suit the taste of the discriminating coffee aficionado.

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Are African Coffee Beans 100% Arabica beans?

Our African coffee beans are high-mountain grown 100% Arabica coffee beans.

What are the two most popular African Coffee Beans?

Kenya AA Coffee Beans & Ethiopia Sidamo Coffee Beans