Gourmet Ethiopian
Coffee Beans

Ethiopia is the birthplace of Arabica Coffee.

Gourmet Ethiopian Coffee Beans

The next time you buy Ethiopian coffee beans, remember that Ethiopia is credited as the birthplace of Arabica Coffee.

Legend has it that around 600 A.D. a goat herder discovered Arabica coffee trees growing in the high Ethiopian mountainous range where some of today’s best Sidamo and Yirgacheffe gourmet coffees are now grown.

Ethiopia coffee beans have a long history. The Arabica coffee beans propagated to Yemen and the surrounding Arab territories until they eventually became one of the world’s top-traded commodities.

Ethiopia Coffee Industry

The Ethiopian coffee industry currently employs about 12 million Ethiopians (down from 15 million at its peak) and ranks 2nd in Africa and 7th overall in global coffee production, producing a number of very distinctive regional coffee types.

Coffee is a year-round export for Ethiopia and while shade-grown Ethiopian coffee beans are not certified organic all Ethiopian coffees are traditionally grown organically.

Ethiopia Coffee Farmers

Ethiopian coffee farmers are mainly peasant coffee producers. Their isolation and poverty limit their use of fertilizers, which most coffee experts agree is to their advantage.

Instead, Ethiopian coffee beans are grown with natural fertilizers like discarded coffee pulp and natural tree mulch from the abundant shade trees. Word in the coffee industry is that the overall quality of Ethiopian coffee beans is on the rise.

 Gourmet Ethiopia Sidamo Coffee Beans

Ethiopia Sidamo Natural Organic Fair Trade Coffee is a top-grade African coffee made from 100 percent Arabica coffee beans. A significant portion of profits from Ethiopia’s fair trade coffees are given back to the fair trade coffee farmers. Ethiopia Sidamo coffee is a dry processed natural organic fair trade coffee, grown and harvested from the Kaffa region of the Sidamo province of Ethiopia. Thes Ethiopian coffee beans have a light body that leaves an exciting floral aroma and a heavy, intense and often fruity, spicy wine flavor to the palate.

 Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Gourmet Coffee Beans

Ethiopian coffee beans are grown and harvested on the high mountain slopes of Ethiopia at elevations over 4,000 feet above sea level. These gourmet coffee beans are considered the highest quality coffee beans in Africa and are the most sought-after by avid coffee lovers.

The Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Coffee is another top-grade Ethiopian coffee that has a syrupy, nice-smelling flowing smooth body and flavorful finish.

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