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  • Apple Spice Loose Leaf TeaApple Spiced Loose Leaf Tea

    Apple Spice Tea with Cinnamon


    Apple tea that is spiced with cinnamon is cozy and comforting and a true celebration of senses, so try the Apple Cinnamon flavored loose leaf tea. A burst of flavor in a Chinese black tea makes your tea time an exciting time!

    Most popular in the fall season, this tea can be served hot, cold, sweetened, or plain, but it’s always exceptionally fresh and delightful. Apple Spice flavored tea can be ready in minutes and with only two little calories.

  • Blueberry Cream loose leaf tea

    Blueberries and Cream Flavored Loose-Leaf Tea


    Our award-winning Blueberries and Cream flavored tea is an all-time favorite. The tangy sweetness of blueberries smoothed out with a touch of cream essence is sure to bring a smile to your face during the day or night. This perfectly balanced Blueberry flavored tea combination is delicious hot or cold. The aroma alone is sure to win you over!

    This is our best-selling loose leaf tea…come try it for yourself!

  • Lemon Spiced Loose Leaf Tea

    Lemon Spice Flavored Tea


    They say, “If you have a lemon, make lemonade.” We took it one step further and made Lemon Spice flavored tea! Lemon is perfect in just about everything, throw a little cinnamon and spices into the mix and you have one delightful and intriguing cup of tea. Enjoy the fresh, clean, and citrusy aroma while the spices dance gently on your taste buds.

    Our loose leaf Chinese black tea will set the stage perfectly for our Lemon Spice flavored tea to be a huge sensation.

    TYPE: Loose Leaf Tea

  • Passion Fruit Loose Leaf Tea

    Passion Fruit Flavored Tea


    Break free from the everyday routine with Passion Fruit flavored tea. Chinese loose-leaf black tea is scented with calendula petals and blended with natural flavoring of passion, making for a unique cup of tea. The aroma of passion fruit is delightful and is sure to be intriguing.

    These loose-leaf teas make for an excellent iced tea and is sure to wow those you serve it to.

    TYPE: Loose Leaf Tea

  • Raspberry loose leaf tea

    Raspberry Flavored Tea


    You see it everywhere…raspberry lotion, raspberry oils, raspberry candles…who doesn’t love the scent of raspberry? Now you can enjoy the aroma as well as the taste of raspberry flavored tea. No need to reach for that calorie filled raspberry dessert, only 2 little calories in our raspberry enhanced beverage. Raspberry gourmet flavored tea makes an exceptional dessert tea or an iced tea. Everyone will be sure you went through so much trouble to serve raspberry iced tea! We won’t tell how easy it was.

    Chinese black tea sets the stage, we then enhance the cup with a glorious bouquet of raspberry and calendula petals to bring you an unforgettable flavored tea.

    TYPE: Loose Leaf Tea

  • Strawberry Peach Loose Leaf Tea

    Strawberry Peach Flavored Tea


    Combine two summer time favorites and we give you Strawberry Peach flavored tea! Chinese black gourmet tea delicately scented with the fresh essence of peach and strawberry.

    Served hot it makes any morning into a happy one, poured over ice, and you have a treat for the whole family! Replace sugary juice with something you trust and truly enjoy, Strawberry Peach flavored tea.

    TYPE: Loose Leaf Tea

  • Orange Loose Leaf Tea

    Sweet Orange Flavored Tea


    Sweet and citrusy, our sweet orange flavored tea is refreshing and delicious. Oranges are synonymous with summer so it is only fitting that this tea tastes as well hot as it does over ice. Add a sprig of mint and serve to company to knock their socks off!

    The sweet orange essence enhances a Chinese loose leaf black tea that is exceptional. Together, with the added calendula petals this flavor has taken tea to new heights.

    TYPE: Loose Leaf Tea