Medium Roast
Gourmet Coffee Beans

Medium Roast Gourmet Coffee Beans

Roasting gourmet coffee beans naturally changes both the physical and chemical characteristics of the coffee.

Barely roasting a green coffee bean to achieve a Light Roasted Coffee results in a more acidic coffee that has more caffeine and is lighter brown in color. Alternatively, roasting a green coffee bean for a long period of time results in a Dark Roast Coffee which is less acidic, has less caffeine and is a deep dark brown color with an oily appearance.

Medium roasted coffees fall somewhere in between these two and can have subtle caramel or cocoa flavors while maintaining a milk chocolate color.

A coffee’s taste and aroma is derived from a combination of how long it is roasted for and the coffee’s origin; how and where it was grown, the type of soil, elevation, moisture, etc. Some coffees are best as a dark roast, and others are more suited to a light roast, the majority of the world’s Gourmet Coffee beans are at their best when medium roasted.

What is Medium Roast Coffee?

In simple terms, “medium roast” coffee refers to the degree of roast. It is also called “American” roast, continental roast, or regular roast. Medium roast coffee is called Medium roast because it is the middle roast level that coffee beans can be roasted. At this level the coffee bean will be partially cooked and the level of acidity and oils will be in the middle. If the coffee beans are roasted longer the beans will turn into a darker roast level called “dark roast”. Dark roasted coffee beans will have a higher level of acidity and oils. At a light roast level the beans will be fully cooked and have a low level of acidity and oils.

Our selection of medium roast gourmet coffee beans range from a Light-Medium roast to a Medium-Dark Roast and includes:


Colombian Supremo Coffee Beans

Gourmet Colombian Supremo 

MEDIUM ROASTED – Only wet-processed, high grade ‘supremo beans’ are used to ensure a well balanced, full flavored coffee; Colombian… simply among the world’s best coffees.

Kenya AA Coffee Beans

Gourmet Kenya AA 

MEDIUM ROASTED – Renowned for its consistency, Kenya AA is made from only the largest, highest grade east African coffee beans delivering a complex aroma and a full-bodied fruit and berry taste.

Hawaii Kona Estate Coffee Beans

Gourmet Hawaiian Kona 

LIGHT-MEDIUM ROASTED – Hawaii delivers the world’s highest yield of Arabica coffee beans per acre and Kona coffee consistently ranks among the world’s best specialty coffees.

Sumatra Mandheling Gourmet Coffee Beans

Gourmet Sumatra Mandheling 

MEDIUM-DARK ROASTED – Indonesia’s premium gourmet coffee beans delivering a complex syrupy flavor with low acidity; Sumatra coffee beans are easily among the world’s finest full-bodied coffees.

Guatemala Antigua Gourmet Coffee Beans

Gourmet Guatemala Antigua 

LIGHT-MEDIUM ROASTED – Find out why Guatemala Antigua coffee is considered by many to be some of the world’s finest gourmet coffee beans; well balanced with superb smoky flavor and powerful chocolaty aroma.

Jamaica Blue Mountain Estate Coffee Beans

Gourmet Jamaica Blue Mountain 

LIGHT-MEDIUM ROASTED – Smooth, vibrant and well balanced, Jamaica gourmet coffee beans are exceptional and always in demand; the world’s highest grown gourmet coffee beans!

Costa Rica Reserve Gourmet Coffee Beans

Gourmet Costa Rica Reserve 

LIGHT-MEDIUM ROASTED – Slow maturing, high grown Costa Rica HSB coffee beans are hard and dense but deliver a wonderfully aromatic, full-bodied taste with a robust acidity.

Java 'Dutch Estate' Coffee Beans

Gourmet Java Dutch Estate 

LIGHT-MEDIUM ROASTED – Wet processed and grown in rich volcanic soil, Indonesia’s Java gourmet coffee beans deliver a heavily bodied flavor with a hint of chocolate.

India Malabar Monsooned Voyage Coffee

Gourmet India Monsooned Voyage 

MEDIUM ROASTED – Top grade India Arabica beans, aged to produce a mildly fermented fruity flavor in a suave, full-bodied cup of coffee.

African Tanzania Peaberry Coffee Beans

Gourmet Tanzania Peaberry 

LIGHT-MEDIUM ROASTED – Rare pea-shaped coffee beans account for only 5% of all the coffee produced. Peaberry coffee beans are highly prized high grade gourmet coffee beans with a light acidity and a lively, distinguished flavor.

Bali 'Paradise Valley' Gourmet Coffee Beans

Gourmet Bali Paradise Valley 

LIGHT-MEDIUM ROASTED – Handpicked, hand sorted and grown on smaller plantations, Bali gourmet coffee beans deliver a mild taste with traces of earthy Indonesian character.


Colombian Organic Mesa de los Santos Coffee Beans – Fair Trade

Natural Organic Colombian

MEDIUM ROASTED – Renowned for its consistency, Colombian is easily the world’s highest quality gourmet coffee; these are 100% naturally organic Colombian coffee beans.

Sumatra Gayo Mountain Organic Coffee Beans

Natural Organic Sumatra Gayo

LIGHT-MEDIUM ROASTED – Hand processed and high mountain-grown, Indonesia’s natural organic Sumatra Gayo delivers an earthy, vibrant acidity and a full-bodied taste.

Guatemala Organic Coffee Beans

Natural Organic Guatemala

LIGHT-MEDIUM ROASTED – Mountain grown in rich volcanic soil, natural organic Guatemalan are hard bean gourmet coffees that deliver a rich, floral acidity with excellent body.


Peru Andes Organic Fair Trade Coffee

Fair Trade Peru Andes Organic

MEDIUM ROASTED – Certified natural organic and handpicked as they ripen, every flavorful cup of Peruvian coffee delivers a consistency unmatched by any other coffees; mildly acidic with a sweet, nutty finish.

Bolivian Organic Fair Trade Coffee Beans

Fair Trade Bolivia Caranavi Organic

LIGHT-MEDIUM ROASTED – Bolivian gourmet coffee beans are high mountain grown on small, family-run plantations delivering a deliciously spicy and heavily-bodied cup of coffee.

Dominican Organic Fair Trade Coffee Beans

Fair Trade Dominican Organic 

LIGHT-MEDIUM ROASTED – Central America’s perfect growing conditions delivers a well balanced, uniform, natural organic coffee that is pleasantly acidic; a “Treasure of the Caribbean”.

Organic Central American Beneficio Coffee Fair Trade

Fair Trade Beneficio Organic 

MEDIUM ROASTED – Shade grown, hand-picked and processed, this natural organic fair trade coffee delivers a pleasantly acidic taste with excellent body.

Ethiopia Sidamo Organic Fair Trade Coffee Beans

Fair Trade Ethiopia Sidamo Organic 

LIGHT-MEDIUM ROASTED – Certified natural organic, fair trade Ethiopia Sidamo is 100% Arabica gourmet coffee that delivers a bright floral aroma with a deep, wine-like spicy flavor.


Colombian Supremo Decaf Coffee Beans

Decaf Colombian Supremo

MEDIUM-DARK ROASTED – Only the highest grade, mountain grown “supremo beans” are used so that every cup of Decaf Colombian Supremo delivers a rich aroma with a well balanced, full bodied flavor.

Guatemala Antigua Decaf Coffee Beans

Decaf Guatemala Antigua

MEDIUM ROASTED – Mountain grown and shade grown, Decaf Guatemala Antigua gourmet coffee beans deliver a well balanced smoky flavor with a deliciously chocolaty aroma.

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