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  • Blueberry Cream Flavored CoffeeBlueberry flavored coffee beans

    Blueberries and Cream Flavored Coffee


    The tangy-sweet flavor combination of Blueberry and Cream is our most popular springtime flavored coffee. We compliment the finest high-grown Arabica coffee with the essence of wild blueberries and cream for a smooth silky flavor that is sure to please your senses. It’s difficult to think of a more delectable springtime dessert.

  • French Vanilla Coffee BeansFrench Vanilla flavored coffee beans

    French Vanilla Coffee Beans


    Gourmet French Vanilla Flavored Coffee Beans

    We start with only the best Arabica gourmet coffee beans to guarantee only the best gourmet flavored coffee. Next, we add in French Vanilla flavors that give the flavored coffee its sweet taste and lovely fragrance. If you have not tasted French Vanilla gourmet coffee before, you may come to prefer it’s richer and deeper notes compared to plain Vanilla coffee. French Vanilla gourmet coffee beans exhibit a caramelized, custard-like flavor with subtle floral hints. Just because this gourmet flavored coffee features certain richness and full-body sweetness doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it every day. Remember to order an extra bag in case the first one ends too soon. We do our part to help extend the life of your gourmet coffee beans by roasting and shipping them on the same day!

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    “Join us in our passion for French Vanilla coffee beans and experience the perfect blend of rich, creamy flavors that will tantalize your taste buds and awaken your senses. Don’t settle for ordinary coffee – indulge in the decadent aroma and taste of our expertly roasted French Vanilla coffee beans.”

    Keiran Griffiths, President of That’s Coffee

  • Almond Flavored CoffeeAlmond flavored coffee beans

    Gourmet Almond Flavored Coffee Beans


    Gourmet Almond Flavored Coffee Beans

    Serve almond flavored coffee made from these freshly roasted gourmet coffee beans and you are sure to impress all of your friends and family. The delicate taste of almonds toasted to golden perfection is added to premium Arabica coffee beans to deliver on one of the best flavored coffees ever. The butter-smooth, nutty flavor of almonds makes this gourmet specialty coffee an all time favorite; sister flavored coffees include our Chocolate Almond Flavored Coffee and Amaretto Flavored Coffee. Please Note: Our Almond flavored coffee beans contain nut extract.

  • Amaretto Flavored Coffee BeansAmaretto flavored coffee beans

    Gourmet Amaretto Flavored Coffee Beans


    Gourmet Amaretto Flavored Coffee Beans

    Amaretto flavoring dates back to the 16th century when one of Leonardo da Vinici’s pupils was gifted with apricot kernels steeped in brandy by a female painting subject. Since then, Amaretto flavored liqueur has been made from either apricot or almond pits and is commonly known for its sweet almond flavoring. Our version of Amaretto is made by adding natural and identical flavorings to gourmet coffee beans and roasting them to perfection – a light to medium roast. You are sure to fall in love with these sweet Amaretto flavored coffee beans! Please Note: Our Amaretto flavored coffees may contain nut extract.

  • Angel Face Coconut Flavored CoffeeCoconut flavored coffee beans

    Angel Face Coconut Flavored Coffee Beans


    Not to disappoint our Roastmaster has combined the rich goodness of Swiss chocolate with the tropical sweet and nutty taste of fresh, perfectly ripened coconut. Customers say this coconut flavored coffee makes a smooth and relaxing coffee without being too overpowering in chocolate or coconut flavors. We say we’ve reach the perfect balance!

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  • Banana Hazelnut Flavored Coffeehazelnut banana flavored coffee beans

    Flavored Banana Hazelnut Coffee Beans


    Banana Hazelnut is one of the more popular sellers because of its burst of banana flavor with the gentle essence of Hazelnut extract. The aroma of this coffee is warm and inviting.

  • Banana Split Flavored Coffeebanana split flavored coffee beans

    Flavored Banana Split Coffee Beans


    This Banana Split flavored coffee is the ultimate treat and is made with 100% real Arabica beans. Deliciously thick, with flavors that will surely make your mouth water, this Banana Split coffee will leave your taste buds wanting more.

  • Bananas Foster Flavored CoffeeBanana foster flavored coffee beans

    Banana Foster Flavored Coffee Beans


    What an amazing creation chef Paul Blange came up with in New Orleans in 1951. The chef had been challenged to create a new dish using the freshly imported bananas. These bananas were in abundance and were inexpensive to use. Combining rum, slightly softened bananas, brown sugar, and buttery goodness, this dessert quickly became the most requested item on the menu.

  • Black Forest Cake Flavored CoffeeBlack forest flavored coffee beans

    Black Forest Cake Coffee Beans


    Our Black Forest Cake flavored coffee is the perfect alternative to hours of complicated baking and countless calories. Savor the warm, rich taste of high quality gourmet coffee beans infused with traces of chocolate and cherries that are perfect for any occasion.

  • Blackberry Cobbler Flavored Coffeeblackberry flavored coffee beans

    Flavored Blackberry Cobbler Coffee Beans


    You can enjoy that wonderful flavor anytime with our Blackberry Cobbler Flavored Coffee! Indulge in this sweet treat whenever you’re looking for that perfect pick-me-up.

  • Bourbon Truffle Flavored CoffeeBourbon Whiskey flavored coffee beans

    Bourbon Truffle Infused Coffee Beans


    This flavor combination of Kentucky Bourbon and Chocolate Truffle candy will be sure to offer you the sensation of chocolate silk on your tongue with an oaky lingering aftertaste of quality bourbon.

  • Bourbon Whiskey flavored coffee beans

    Bourbon Whiskey Flavored Coffee Beans


    Sip on the true taste of America with our newest flavored coffee, Bourbon Whiskey. With flavors of rich vanilla, sweet caramel, and just a hint of charred oak, this Bourbon Whiskey Flavored coffee is a delicious way get the party started. Bourbon can only be made in the United States, so this home-grown flavor is a great way to taste the USA.

    Blended with our freshly roasted pure arabica bean coffee, you’ll want to raise your cup to this tasty flavored coffee today and enjoy morning, noon, or night.

  • Butter Pecan Flavored CoffeeButter Pecan flavored coffee beans

    Butter Pecan Flavored Coffee Beans


    Butter Pecan is a flavor unique to the South. This flavored coffee offers a rich and nutty essence of roasted pecans sweetened with golden honey and creamy butter.

  • Butterscotch Toffee CoffeeButterscotch Tofffe flavored coffee beans

    Butterscotch Toffee Flavored Coffee Beans


    Gourmet English Toffee Flavored Coffee Beans

    Fashioned after true English Toffees, this rich medium roast flavored specialty coffee captures the butter and caramelized sugar tastes of the traditional English confectionery treat. With only 2 calories per cup of brewed English Toffee coffee, this is the perfect way to enjoy flavored coffees while watching your waistline. Buy gourmet English Toffee coffee beans online and satisfy your sweet tooth. Gourmet coffee beans are blended with natural English Toffee flavorings, then fresh roasted and shipped the same day.

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  • Cafe Borgia Flavored Gourmet Coffee Beans


    The name Borgia is associated with a city in southern Italy and also from an infamous Spanish-Italian family that dates back to the late 1400’s. Perhaps this is the reason why this flavored coffee recipe entails strong Italian coffee and grated orange peel. Since this family is from Valencia, a region in Spain famous for its exceptional orange trees, this might explain the essence of orange peels that give this coffee its citrus kick. In this intense Italian coffee taste, there is a perfect balance of hot dark chocolate and cool whipped cream flavoring with a splash of citrusy flair to liven up your coffee cup.

    Pack a little Italy into your coffee cup and travel the world with your taste buds. Close your eyes and let our Café Borgia flavored coffee take you there! Enjoy!

  • napolean coffee bean flavor

    Café Napoleon Flavored Gourmet Coffee Beans


    The delightful essence of rich and creamy Mexican Liqueur, sweet French caramel, and the brown butter like taste of European Hazelnut make Cafe Napoleon flavored coffee one to sip nice and slow. What an amazing concoction of flavors to add to the freshly roasted gourmet Arabica beans. Let the aroma intrigue your sense of smell and the flavor make your taste buds sing. The scent of Cafe Napoleon gourmet flavored coffee is warm and inviting, the taste is out of this world.

    A heat-sealed valve bag will ensure the freshest coffee which will be fresh roasted the day it ships. Enjoy!