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Our customers are true coffee fanatics! Many come back to us each month to restock their coffee cupboards in order to keep brewing up some of the best gourmet coffee available.

Here’s what some of our customers have to say about That’s Coffee.

“I just finished the bag of Sumatra Mandheling, what a treat! I will be opening the Ethiopian Sidamo. I had to adjust my Capriccio grind/brew to get the full flavor of the Sumatra, but after that it brewed an excellent cup of Coffee great rich flavor, I am happy I tried it, and will be ordering more soon. I’ll let you know what I think of the Ethiopian after I try it. Thanks for a great selection of coffee!”
Ken (Pomona, CA)

“First time purchase. Wanted to compliment you on the great coffee – especially banana hazelnut……..mmmmmmmm”

“I tried the Javita instant coffee and I thought it tasted better than most instant coffees. It had a strong full coffee flavor. It was a bit bitter for me black, but it was very good after I added my usual cream & sugar. It tasted just like brewed coffee. Thanks for the coffee.”

“Just wanted you to know that the clients absolutely loved the coffee. We put the coffee in ½ lb bags and gave over 200 bags of coffee with a coffee mug to each of our clients. Thanks again and Happy New Year.”

“The smell alone when I opened this Swiss Water Peru Decaf coffee told me I was going to love it!This coffee was not dark but still enough to wake me up though I did enjoy it more for that midday cup than anything else. I think this would also be a good one to drink with supper and before bed. The no caffeine really helps to make it versatile so you can drink it anytime during the day. I am so in love with this coffee.”

“I recently ordered coffee beans from you for the first time. I am extremely pleased with the high quality of the coffee ordered (Jamaican Blue Mountain Estate, Panama Boquete and Brazil Santos). I will be a repeat customer. Thank you for providing a quality product.”
Michael (Playa Del Rey, CA)

“Our relatives are very pleased with their coffee gift. Thanks so much for your help – I’ve got your company in my favorites! Good products with great service are impossible to beat.”
Mary (Cincinnati)

“Javita’s Burn and Control has helped me curb my appetite, control my portions and gives me energy.”

“Loving all the products we’ve tried so far and very happy with the service & products. Thanks!”

“Loving the effects of the Javita coffee – I feel full sooner and am not hungry between meals. Love it!”

That’s Coffee. The name clenched the deal for me, after I stumbled upon you via Google. Thank you for your consistently delicious coffee, helpful customer service, and reliable shipping. It’s been a pleasure doing business with you. With hesitance, I have become a coffee snob. I’m glad I have found you to cater to my way too discriminating coffee palate. Thanks again for all your assistance.”

“WOW ! Thanks again. I will love to give it a try. I’m sure it will taste even better knowing my Jamaican Blue Mountain is coming!! You guys are great!”

“Thank you very much! I’ll definitely be recommending thatscoffee.com to my coffee drinking friends.”

“Thanks so much – you have gone above and beyond – I will be purchasing the Bolivian Organic Fair Trade.”

“Now that is what I call customer service. I truly appreciate your getting back to me so quickly. I will make sure that the drip coffee is brewed for a true coffee lover and hopefully I can get you another new customer. Thank you again.”

“Thank you very much for the excellent coffee, “Now that is coffee!” It has a nice bold flavor.”
Petra Clarke (Killeen TX)

“David has opened up both and the one that he seems to like to best is the Sumatra Mandheling. He says it has a nice deep rich taste. We will be going to the website to try a couple more.”
Lorilie (Winnipeg Canada)

“As I said I am not usually a hardcore coffee drinker but I had another pot of the same coffee (“Mexico: Spirit of the Aztec“) this morning and find that I quite like it. Not as ‘harsh’ as what I am used to drinking, very smooth. I’m really starting to get addicted to this coffee.”
Brian (Vernon BC)

“Thanks for the quick reply! This week will be perfect. It’s a gift and I know we’ll enjoy it Christmas morning! Thanks again and Merry Christmas!”

“Yes, we got the coffee and this Sumatra Black Satin is absolutely divine! Beautiful product, thanks for introducing us.”

“Wasn’t sure how fast (living in Canada) and fresh my coffee would arrive. Have to say I was very impressed! Delivery was quick and coffee was wonderful… also packaging was impressive! Going to buy more and give as Christmas gifts!”