Gourmet Guatemalan
Coffee Beans

Shade Grown 100% Arabica Coffee Beans

Shade Grown Gourmet Guatemalan Coffee Beans

Guatemala’s coffee farms are shade grown plantations that produce some of the world’s best mountain grown specialty coffees thanks in part to a combination of Guatemala’s mineral rich volcanic soils and the microclimate conditions unique to the area’s high mountain slopes.

In fact, out of all the coffee producing countries Guatemala is ranked second in terms of the highest percentage of high grade coffee beans produced.

In order to maintain the consistency and high quality standards Guatemala coffee beans are renowned for the harvesting and processing of Guatemala gourmet coffee beans undergoes rigid scrutiny. The step-by-step process is labor intensive but well worth the effort.

Handpicked & Hand Processed

Guatemala coffee cherries are carefully handpicked as they ripen. Once pulped, the Arabica coffee beans are moved to special tanks for fermentation. The gourmet coffee beans are then washed and sun dried for as long as needed, until the proper moisture content is reached. Only then are the green Guatemala coffee beans hand sorted according to bean size, color, density and moisture content. It takes about 100 pounds of coffee cherries to produce only 20 pounds of green Guatemalan coffee beans.

Shade Grown 100% Arabica Coffee Beans

Coffee is a sustainable and environmentally friendly crop, especially when shade grown. Guatemalan coffee trees are mountain grown so they need protection from the torrential downpours, driving winds and the intense ultraviolet rays of the sun. Today, up to 98% of Guatemalan coffee beans are shade grown meaning they are naturally protected under a canopy of carefully planted shade trees. The practice of using shade trees to protect coffee crops has its origins in Guatemala. The shade canopy is also a natural habitat for migratory birds which in turn helps control the insect and pest population thus reducing or eliminating the need for chemicals and pesticides. Shade grown coffee beans take longer to mature but the beans are usually denser and larger with a more complex aroma and flavor.

Guatemala Antigua Gourmet Coffee Beans

Guatemala Antigua Coffee beans are strictly hard bean (HSB) quality coffee beans, shade grown on the mountain slopes of Guatemala at over 4,600 feet above sea level. The gently sloping valley is enclosed by three surrounding volcanoes so the volcanic soil is extremely mineral rich, retaining much of the moisture and causing the relative humidity of the area to remain relatively constant at about 65% year round. The densely shaded coffee plants thrive in this unique microclimate producing what is arguably some of the world’s best tasting specialty coffee.

Guatemala Antigua Decaf Gourmet Coffee Beans

Decaf Guatemala Antigua Coffee beans are decaffeinated using the 100% chemical-free Swiss Water decaffeinating process. This process is hailed as one the best methods for decaffeinating green coffee beans without compromising the integrity of the bean. The end result is a decaffeinated Guatemala Antigua coffee with the same well balanced taste and aroma as the sister coffee, Guatemala Antigua.

Natural Organic Guatemala Gourmet Coffee Beans

Natural Organic Guatemala Santiago Atitlan Coffee beans are delightfully aromatic with a fully bodied taste and an acidity that the coffee experts liken to citrus. These mountain grown coffee beans are grown along the gentle slopes of Atitlan’s volcanic region where the natural organic matter of the volcanic soil is the richest in all of Guatemala.

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