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  • Colombian Organic Mesa de los Santos Coffee Beans – Fair TradeBestselling Colombian Coffee Beans

    Organic Colombian Mesa de los Santos Coffee Beans


    Café Organico Mesa de Los Santos – Fair Trade Organic Colombian Coffee

    BESTSELLER! Colombian coffee farmers are renowned for consistency in producing what is arguably the world’s highest quality gourmet coffee. This natural organic Colombian coffee is testament not only to Colombia’s unwavering standards but to Colombia’s dedication to environmental consciousness in protecting the plantation’s natural surrounding habitat. Cafe Organico Mesa de Los Santos coffee is a certified natural organic Colombian coffee that is produced from tree to market without any herbicide or pesticide chemicals. Sister coffees include our Colombian Supremo coffee and our naturally Decaffeinated Colombian Supremo Coffee.

  • Peru Andes Organic Fair Trade CoffeeBestselling Peruvian Coffee Beans

    Peru Andes Organic Coffee


    Peru ‘Andes Gold’ Organic Gourmet Coffee Blend

    A FAIR TRADE FAVORITE! If you haven’t already, it may be time to experience coffee beans grown on the famous slopes of the Peruvian Andes Mountains. Grown on small family owned farms on the Northwestern side of the mountain range these 100% organic coffee beans are low in acidity and easy on the stomach. The light to medium roasted coffee leaves no aftertaste; just a pleasing nutty, finish, which is only one of the reasons why this Andes Gold coffee is highly rated by our customers. It is sweet enough to enjoy without adding extra sugar and it is smoother than most other gourmet coffee blends. Don’t worry about packing your hiking gear and trekking up the Andes, simply order a 1lb or 5lb bag of this coffee, available as whole bean gourmet coffee, and sit back and relax.

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  • Ethiopia Sidamo Organic Fair Trade Coffee BeansBestselling Ethiopian Coffee Beans

    Ethiopia Sidamo Coffee Beans – Fair Trade


    Ethiopia Sidamo Organic Fair Trade Coffee –

    CUSTOMER FAVORITE! This light bodied, light/medium roasted coffee has everything going for it. Not only is it 100% Arabica, but it is also dry processed, certified natural organic “fair trade” coffee. Natural organic Ethiopia Sidamo is grown in the Kaffa region in the Sidamo province of Ethiopia, where coffee was first discovered over a thousand years ago. Expect a bright floral aroma with a deep, wine-like spicy flavor, one that continually develops on the coffee lover’s palate. Sister coffees is our Ethiopia Yirgacheffe.

  • Bolivian Organic Fair Trade Coffee Beans

    Fair Trade Organic Bolivian ‘Colonial Caranavi’ Coffee Beans


    Colonial Caranavi Natural Organic Bolivia Fair Trade Coffee

    In Bolivia there is a group of 41 small family-run natural organic coffee farms averaging about 3 acres apiece. The mountain slopes are steep but the micro-climate growing conditions at elevations up to 5800 feet are ideal for producing this heavily bodied, spicy coffee. Colonial Caranavi natural organic fair trade coffee allows the Bolivian farmers, known as “Colonials”, to reinvest in their farms and their communities.

  • Dominican Organic Fair Trade Coffee Beans

    Fair Trade Organic Dominican Coffee Beans


    Dominican Republic Coffee
    Natural Organic Fair Trade Santo Domingo

    Gourmet coffee beans from the Americas are grown in over a dozen different areas. However, the combination of warm ocean currents, Caribbean trade winds and the year-round rainfall help make the Dominican Republic’s Santo Domingo natural organic fair trade coffee special. You’ll enjoy the uniform medium body of this natural organic coffee with its unique, well balanced taste and pleasant acidity. No wonder it has been called “The Treasure of the Caribbean”

  • El Salvador Cuzcachapa Organic Coffee Beans

    Cuzcachapa El Salvador Organic Coffee Beans


    ‘Cuzcachapa’ Natural Organic El Salvador Coffee Beans

    This “Sacred Waters” Cuzcachapa El Slavador coffee features a vibrant acidity and develops orange flavors as the brew cools. Rich in flavor and full of body this gourmet coffee is only available in limited quantities each year – once it’s gone it is gone! Cuzcachapa gourmet coffee beans are both environmentally and socially responsible. By purchasing organic El Salvador coffee beans you help to protect El Salvador’s natural wildlife habitats and provide employment opportunities and medical attention to citizens in need.

    The Cooperative Cuzcachapa is comprised of 1300 members, most of which are small gourmet coffee producers. The group works to better the social and economic conditions of coffee producers in El Salvador. The group also benefits by forming a larger body for marketing their gourmet coffee beans to international markets. Cuzcachapa won the title of Best Coffee in El Salvador in 2007 and is the authorized processing mill for the ‘Cup of Excellence’ competition that takes place every year.

    These single origin gourmet coffee beans are roasted slightly lighter than a regular medium roast coffee and are fresh roasted just prior to shipping. Place your Cuzcachapa coffee order today as supplies are limited!

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  • Espresso Organic Coffee Beans

    Gourmet Espresso Organic Coffee Beans


    Espresso Roast Coffee Beans – Natural Organic

    Our Organic Espresso features all the key characteristics that make up good tasting espresso: strong aromatic smell, creamy body and a flavor carefully positioned between bitter and sweet. In particular, you will grow to enjoy the caramel and chocolate undertones prevalent in this espresso roast. And since it’s certified organic, no chemicals are used in the growing, processing or packaging processes. Order yourself a pound or two of these organic espresso beans and we will roast and ship them to you on the same day! Sister Espresso beans include Italia, Prima, Verdi and Gold.

  • Fair Trade Organic Nicaraguan Coffee Beans

    Fair Trade Organic Nicaraguan Coffee Beans


    Organic ‘Ceocafen’ Nicaragua Coffee

    The Nicaragua Ceocafen Cooperative Organization from Matagalpa, Jinotega and surrounding areas, focuses on organic Nicaraguan Coffee production of the highest quality. This cooperative promotes and improves the lives of 2,600 active coffee farm members, many of whom are women. Our Ceocafen coffee is grown at high elevations of up to 5,000 feet above sea level. The green coffee beans are harvested from November to March, fully washed and and then sun-dried in preparation for the February through July export season. The resulting organic coffee is described as smooth, nutty with a real depth of flavor. Feedback on this fair trade coffee is that is rates right up there with highly expensive coffees. Let’s just say the Nicaraguan coffee flavor comes highly recommended! Order a 1 lb bag or the bulk 5 lb bag online today and we’ll roast your coffee beans and ship them to you on the same day, guaranteeing ultimate freshness.

  • Finca Santa Maria Honduran Organic Coffee Beans

    Finca Santa Maria Honduran Organic Coffee Beans


    Honduras ‘Finca Santa Maria’ Organic Fair Trade Coffee

    Honduras Finca Santa Maria coffee is grown according to organic coffee standards on a family coffee farm just outside Pico Pijol, the Honduran National Forest Preserve. These specialty trained coffee farmers use the diverse rain forest shade trees and natural spring waters to create the finest micro climate to grow their award winning Honduran coffee beans the world has come to love. Our Honduran Finca Santa Maria coffee is a light to medium roast with a lively floral aroma that is complemented with honey, orange peel and peach undertones. The medium to high acidity of these Arabica beans gives a crisp and refreshing taste with full body that will brighten up any morning routine. This is truly an organic coffee rich in complexities ready to be savoured.

  • French Roast Organic Coffee Beans

    Organic French Roast Coffee Beans


    Natural Organic French Roast Coffee Beans –

    Bold and beautiful, French roast coffee beans are dark roasted and 100% natural organic delivering an intriguing rich taste with very little acidity. Sometimes referred to as “Heavy” roast or “Spanish” roast, Natural Organic French roast coffee beans are ideal for coffee lovers who want that “bold” taste.

    We also have a Decaffeinated French Roast for those who want the taste without the kick.

  • Organic Gourmet House Blend Coffee

    Organic House Blend Coffee Beans


    House Blend Gourmet Organic Coffee Beans

    This blend of organic Arabica gourmet coffee beans from both Central and South America comes close to upstaging your favorite cup of House Blend at your local coffee shop. You will instantly fall in love with its caramel and chocolate flavors that come through in its smooth, crisp finish. Our House blend gourmet organic coffee beans are grown using Fair Trade practices such as fair labor conditions and intentional community development. They are roasted and blended as the traditional Gourmet House Blend coffee. When you order a 1 lb or 5 lb bag of this Organic Gourmet House Blend, we will roast and ship the beans on the same day to ensure absolute freshness! See all our other Gourmet Coffee Blends.

  • Guatemala Organic Coffee Beans

    Guatemala Organic Coffee Beans


    Natural Organic Guatemala Santiago Atitlan Coffee –


    Surrounded by no less than three volcanoes, Lake Atitlan is one of the most picturesque areas of Guatemala. The volcanic rich soil and mountainous slopes are ideal for growing hard bean gourmet coffee beans like our natural organic grown Guatemala Santiago Atitlan coffee. These sun dried gourmet coffee beans exhibit excellent body and a rich, floral acidity to tempt even the most discerning palate. Sister coffees include our Guatemala Antigua Coffee Beans and our Decaffeinated Guatemala Antigua Coffee Beans.

  • Organic Mexico Altura Tollan Coffee

    Mexico Organic Fair Trade


    Natural Organic Mexico Fair-Trade Coffee –

    The high mountain peaks and deep valleys of the Sierra Madre Mountains in Mexico are subject to extremely diverse tropical weather conditions. The area where our natural organic Mexico Fair Trade coffee is grown is also surrounded by volcanoes. The high humidity creates foggy cloud forest conditions that, when combined with the rich volcanic soil, creates the ideal growing conditions for some of Mexico’s most delicious tasting organic fair trade coffee known as Altura Tollan. These natural organic fair trade coffees beans are delicately acidic delivering a light to medium bodied cup of coffee.

  • Organic Bali Blue Moon

    Organic Bali Blue Moon Coffee Beans


    Organic Bali Blue Moon Coffee Beans

    A new treat to That’s Coffee! This shade grown and wet processed Bali Blue Moon Coffee comes to us all the way from the Kintamani Highlands in Bali, Indonesia. These organic coffee beans have a smooth body with strong chocolatey undertones plus sweet hints of syrup and vanilla, making it a unique cup of coffee.

    Sadly, four decades ago a volcano destroyed Bali’s entire coffee crop harvested throughout the island on small coffee farms. Shortly after the government offered small farmers new seeds to replant their farms and today we are able to once again enjoy this smooth coffee.

    In Bali, the use of pesticides on coffees crops is not permitted and all fertilizers must be 100% organic … making this delightful a perfect organic option, keeping any harmful chemicals out of your coffee mug. Our Bali Blue Moon Coffee is also Rainforest Alliance Certified and helps to support the conservation of our world’s valuable rainforests.

    These gourmet coffee beans are medium roasted just for you prior to shipping. Place your Bali Blue Moon coffee order today as we don’t know how long it will be around!

  • Organic Central American Beneficio Coffee Fair Trade

    Organic Central American Beneficio Coffee Beans


    Central American Beneficio Fair Trade Coffee

    Shade grown, natural organic Central American Beneficio fair trade coffee beans are handpicked, processed and sun dried by small farm growers who are dedicated to harvesting coffee beans in harmony with the environment. These natural organic coffee producers take great pride in having their fair trade coffee certified natural organic by the OCIA (Organic Crop Improvement Association). Our Central American Beneficio Fair Trade coffee beans are pleasantly acidic with great body and a delectable aroma.

  • Organic Haitian Blue Mountain EstateBestselling Haiti Coffee Beans

    Organic Haitian Blue Mountain Estate


    Organic Haitian Blue Mountain Estate Coffee

    A new Estate coffee option at That’s Coffee! These coffee beans are the same varietal as world famous Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee grown in the Nord Region of Haiti where the soil is very similar to Jamaica. These coffee beans are sure to a creamy mellow body with low acidity.