French Roast Decaf Coffee Beans


Decaf French Roast Gourmet Coffee Beans

Gourmet coffee beans can be roasted to varying levels, the darkest of which is the French Roast. Lighter roast coffees are more acidic, have more caffeine and exhibit flavor characteristics more in line with the coffee’s origin, as dictated by the weather, soil and local growing conditions. Dark French roast coffee beans however are less acidic, have less caffeine and do not reveal these local flavor characteristics. Instead, French roast coffee beans take on more of smokey roast flavor. To withstand the heat and the decaffeinating process only the highest grade coffee beans can be used for French roast coffees. Decaffeinated French roast coffee beans are ideal for serious coffee lovers who want that intense heavily bodied, bold cup of coffee without the caffeine.

We also carry a caffeinated Natural Organic French Roast.

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