Connoisseur Decaf Coffee Blend


Decaf Connoisseur Gourmet Coffee Blend


Decaf Connoisseur Blend is a brilliantly balanced blend of the world’s best Arabian, African and Indonesian gourmet coffee beans. Are you a coffee connoisseur who is worried about excess caffeine? Special care and attention when removing caffeine from this delectable gourmet coffee blend means the robust flavors and natural nuances are all that come shining through. So, go ahead and enjoy cup after cup of this full bodied medium roast. You’ll experience a decaffeinated gourmet coffee with an incredibly smooth savor and spicy aroma. True devotees to the brew will never have to say no to this sensational blend of gourmet coffee beans. Buy our masterful Decaf Connoisseur Blend and drink to your heart’s content.

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