Espresso Coffee Sampler


This Espresso Coffee Set is designed to showcase all of our rich and aromatic espresso coffee beans. For those unsure the main espresso coffee beans difference is that the espresso coffee grind is much finer and espresso coffee beans brew in a much shorter period of time. Traditional espresso methods force boiling water through tightly packed, finely ground “espresso beans” and make a very strong, thick shot of espresso that has a creamy layer of crema on the top. Some customers ask “Can I make espresso coffee in a regular coffee machine?” Yes you can! Be sure to double up on your coffee filters to make the water move through slower and add 1Tbsp finely ground espresso beans per ¼ cup. Make sure the grounds are firmly packed. Alternatively you can use dark roast espresso coffee beans as you would any other type of coffee in your drip maker. Delicious on its own or added to steamed milked for a latte or boiling water for an Americano our espresso coffee beans are a favorite of coffee connoisseurs. Available in whole bean to grind on your own or the fine Espresso Coffee grind.

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