Gourmet Maui Mokka Coffee Beans


Maui Coffee ‘Mokka’ Beans

Did you know that Hawaiian Maui Mokka is cultivated from the original Yemen coffee plants? Maui coffee farmers at the Ka’anapali coffee plantation in Maui revived this rare Peaberry coffee just a couple years ago and it is now one of the last places left where Maui Mokka is grown. There are only light yields of this remarkably small Maui coffee beans each year but the smalls yields produce such a wonderful cup with dark chocolate and slightly sweet-spicy essences that many have described as a fruity-cinnamon like flavor. The coffee beans are dry processed, left to sun dry then hulled to produce the exotic flavor that is strong and spicy. This special Maui coffee Ka’anapali brew is deemed lightly acidic with a crisp smoothness. Want more Hawaii coffee? Shop all of our Kona Coffee Beans!

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