Maui Red Catuai Coffee Beans


Maui Red Catuai Coffee For Sale – Freshly Roasted

This flavourful and aromatic Maui Red Catuai coffee variety is a cross variation of Maui Yellow Caturra, Caturra, and Mondo Nova. The Cautai coffee plant is grown on the rich volcanic slopes of Maui, Hawaii. Extremely exotic, red catuai coffee offers a brilliant mellow brew with no bitterness. The flavor profile features a mild hint of buttery spiciness with grapefruit subtleties. Often called the cabernet of coffees the burgundy flavor notes are resonant to red wine and each cup of this Maui coffee offers consistent bright flavours in a medium roast Arabica bean. With a decided lack of bitterness this coffee has been described as very soft with no acidic bite. Perfect for any morning routine!

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