Mind Your Tummy Coffee Beans


Mind Your Tummy – Low Acid Gourmet Coffee Blend

Get your caffeine kick without the nasty side effects of hurt burn! This 100% Arabica coffee blend features Indian Malabar coffee beans blended with Indian Mysor coffee beans to create a unique, low acid gourmet coffee blend especially for coffee lovers with sensitive stomachs. This distinctive gourmet coffee blend was selected for the low acidity levels and delivers a nutty flavored gourmet coffee that showcases a light brightness.

If you suffer from acid stomach issues don’t give up drinking coffee! All coffee drinkers can agree that Mind Your Tummy gourmet coffee tastes more like a varietal coffee than a gourmet coffee blend designed for ulcer prone stomachs. Advocates for this unique coffee blend testify that this gourmet coffee is not bitter, is easy on the stomach, and has a nice complexity and smooth finish.

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