Peru Swiss Water Decaf Coffee Beans


Swiss Water Process Peru Decaf Gourmet Coffee Beans

Our organic Peru decaf coffees beans are chemical free from the very beginning. From the farm to the roasting plant these beans stay clear of any pesticides, herbicides and other manufactured chemicals. Instead of using harsh chemicals, the Swiss Water process of decaffeination involves soaking the coffee beans in water multiple times until the beans are 99.9% caffeine free. Because these coffee beans are Fair Trade you also ensure the livelihood of the coffee plantations and their farmers in Peru.

These Peruvian gourmet coffee beans leave little to be desired in a decaf coffee. Smooth, full bodied and free of chemicals – you won’t even be able to taste that it’s decaf! Place your order for decaffeinated Peru organic gourmet coffee beans today and we will roast and ship them fresh on the same day!

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