Gourmet Pistachio Flavored Coffee Beans


Gourmet Pistachio Flavored Coffee Beans

The pistachio nut is native to Western Asia where originally it was an important crop in Iran. Today it is cultivated all over the world, including in California and Australia. We’ve added the unique flavors of the soft shelled Pistachio nut to our high mountain grown gourmet coffee beans to achieve a rich, nutty aromatic Pistachio flavored coffee for you to enjoy. Grind your Pistachio coffee beans and brew a fresh pot first thing in the morning, enjoy it as an afternoon pick me up or serve it alongside dessert at a dinner party. Regardless of when you drink this light flavored coffee, you will appreciate the hints of the earthy pistachio nut alongside the bold flavors of gourmet coffee beans.

Please Note: Our Pistachio Flavored gourmet coffee beans contain nut extract.

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