Organic Fair Trade Timor Coffee Beans


Organic Timor Fair Trade Coffee Beans

As one of our newest additions to our gourmet organic coffee collection these coffee beans come all the way from the small island of Timor in Southeast Asia. The island of Timor is actually split in half with Indonesia making its mark on the west side and East Timor (a small independent nation) taking the rest. The last census counted nearly 3 million people living 11,883 square miles of island.

Timor coffee farmers have banded into 15 different coffee cooperatives that produce a near exclusive organic Timor coffee varietal. With almost 500 small farm communities working together to improve individual farmer’s production capacity coffee mills across the island are shared to reduce the cost of wet-processing their smaller, greenish-yellow coffee beans. We’ll say that these farmers have perfected the art of Timor coffee production!

At That’s Coffee the Timor Coffee review is in: we roast these Organic Timor coffee beans to medium perfection so that our customers can pick out and enjoy the natural spicy and herbal flavors in the coffee.

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