Cinnamon Viennese Flavored Coffee Beans


Gourmet Cinnamon Viennese Flavored Coffee Beans

Embark on true Viennese coffee culture with the unhurried pace of traditional coffee shops that invite you to sit for hours sipping on your gourmet coffee and reading the paper. This full bodied gourmet flavored coffee tames the bitterness of the classic dark roasted Viennese coffee that you can brew in your own home. The bitterness of traditional Viennese coffee beans is replaced with a few dashes of cinnamon. Loyal fans of this flavored specialty coffee say that it is intensely rich and savory and ideal for any leisurely afternoon coffee break at home. Cinnamon Viennese flavored coffee is made from only the finest Arabica gourmet coffee beans. Buy your Cinnamon Viennese coffee beans online and we will roast and ship on the same day.

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