Formosa Oolong Tea


Loved for their refreshing flavor and fruity-sweet aroma, Oolong teas are gaining in popularity around the world. The Oolong tea leaf is produced in Taiwan where it is highly revered. In fact, Taiwan is the largest producer of oolong tea in the world and employs a very unique growing process. The tea leaves are intentionally bruised during growth in order to encourage the fermentation process which gives the tea its trademark flavors.

Did you know that Oolong teas are actually a category of its own – not green tea or black tea? They fall somewhere in between as Oolong tea leaves are oxidized more that fresh green teas and less oxidized than malty black teas. Because they fall closer to green teas in taste and flavor, we categorize ours as an Oolong Green tea for convenience.

If you love green teas, try our popular Formosa Oolong green tea. This loose leaf tea may just become your new favorite!

REG/DECAF: Regular

TYPE: Loose Leaf Tea

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