Hawaiian Kona Coffee Gift Basket


Sample All of That’s Coffee’s Kona Coffee Beans

We are often asked, “Is it really worth buying the Kona Estate beans instead of the Kona coffee blend?” That’s why we’ve pieced together this fully packed Kona Coffee Sampler pack with all four of our Kona coffees from the big island … to let you decide for yourself! A general Kona coffee description is that these beans are some of the best, most anticipated coffee from anywhere in the world. The Kona Estate coffee beans are pure, 100% Kona coffee. The Hawaiian Kona Reserve features a medium roast coffee perfectly balanced in flavor because of its blending with other high-grown Arabica coffee beans. Taken from the wine industry, the word “Cuvee” represents the exclusive pairing of two ore more flavors to create even better flavors than any one ingredient on its own. By pairing gourmet Kona coffee from Hawaii with gourmet Central and South American coffee beans the Kona Cuvee Coffee truly is a delectable cup of coffee featuring caramel and chocolate notes. Finally the Kona Coffee Blend is the most economical way to enjoy this gourmet coffee as if you were drinking Kona coffee in Hawaii from your own lanai (balcony). Our roastmaster takes pride in the instense aromas and medium roast profile of our Kona coffee blend featuring Central and South American Arabica coffee beans.


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