Honduras Gourmet Coffee


Honduras Gourmet Coffee Beans

Arabica coffee beans from Central America seem to always garner rave reviews and our Honduras Silver Hills gourmet coffee beans are no exception.

Honduran coffee has long been touted as some of the best gourmet coffee to ever come out of Central America.

Often referred to as Honduras Cloud Forest Coffee, Honduras Arabica coffee is grown on the lush tropical mountain slopes (above elevations of 4500 feet) near Tegucigalpa, the Honduras capital. Tegucigalpa, which translates as “Silver Hill” is also where this gourmet coffee gets its name.

Rare gourmet coffee is a real treat and only mountain grown specialty gourmet coffee like Honduras Silver Hills can earn the coffee industry’s most distinguished label of “Strictly High-Grown”.

Coffee farms in Honduras have long been dedicated to maintaining consistent high standards and as a result, Honduran coffee has become one of this country’s top exports.

The fertile mountain soils of Honduras produce gourmet coffees with a chocolaty, honey sweet nutty flavor that, when medium roasted, delivers a well-balanced, light tasting cup of fresh gourmet coffee.

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