Gourmet Kenya AA Decaf Coffee Beans


Gourmet Decaf Kenya AA – Kenya Coffee Beans

Kenya AA Decaf coffee beans are highly treasured for their smooth, full-bodied taste and fragrant aroma. These gourmet Coffee Beans grow at high altitudes in rich, fertile volcanic soil. The AA is the largest rating for Kenya coffee beans and the bean is densely packed with oils, which is the measure of a coffee brew’s genuine aroma and flavor intensity. In Kenya, gourmet coffee bean production is meticulous, if not sacred, with the strict guidelines of the Kenyan Coffee Board there to ensure outstanding taste and quality. Advanced decaffeination techniques mean that you still get all the taste and fragrant aroma of Mother Nature’s best Kenyan Arabica gourmet coffee beans. If you want quality decaf gourmet coffee beans, you can’t go wrong with Kenya AA Decaf.

Kenya AA Gourmet Coffee Beans

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