Maui Yellow Caturra Coffee Beans


Maui Yellow Caturra

The hot dry climate of Hawaii’s beautiful island of Maui along with its high volcanic slopes are the perfect place to produce high yields of bright yellow coffee cherries. Many have grown to love the taste of Maui’s yellow caturra coffee beans. The taste is so distinct because Maui yellow coffee is enriched by the nutrient rich volcanic ash. This Yellow Caturra is a full-bodied cup offering a smooth gentle flavor with spicy undertones. Many tasters describe it as having hints of cinnamon and allspice. This Maui coffee bean also has a full body with a slight tang, but no unpleasant bitter aftertaste. Described as at once smooth and rich with plenty of subtle notes, these are some of the best Maui coffee beans that will surely delight. For a smooth gentle flavor with a slightly tangy cinnamon-allspice flavor, this light body, medium roast is a delight for morning your brew.


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