New Orleans Chicory Coffee Blend


Chicory Coffee Blend

With its rich history and traditions, New Orleans was greatly impacted by French culture during its early years. Do you know the full story behind Chicory coffee history? During the Civil War, residents started added ground chicory to their coffee to make their limited coffee rations go further. Surprisingly, the ground chicory root added body and a subtle chocolate flavour which stuck as a tradition of New Orleans culture and fine cuisine. This is a blend of our Colombian and dark French Roast, with just a dash of chicory combined to create this medium-dark roast coffee tradition. We are left with a velvety, heavily-bodied drink with a light brightness and smoky overtone. Our chicory coffee reviews include statements such as “the best of the chicory blends” and “the chicory adds so much flavor”. You too can enjoy our chicory coffee drink by ordering 1 or 5 pound heat-sealed valve bags online. Remember, all of our gourmet coffee beans are roasted to perfection and shipped to you on the same day!

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