World Tour Coffee Blend


World Tour Gourmet Coffee Blend

Taste a world of difference with this new “World Tour” gourmet coffee blend showcasing the complex and mouth-watering flavors of South American coffees, Central American coffees and the coffees of Africa. Light bodied with a sharp acidic taste, the south and central American gourmet coffee beans are complimented by the winy flavors of the African gourmet coffee beans. When freshly brewed and served with dessert, your dinner guests will rave about the delicious traces of fruit and chocolate, and the powerful aromas this unique gourmet coffee blend creates. World Tour is medium roast, custom gourmet coffee blend that offers crisp, rustic flavors and a clean finish. Fresh roasted just for you and packaged in heat-sealed valve bags, World Tour gourmet coffee blend is sure to please all your senses!

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