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How Do you Drink Your Espresso?

Everyone likes their espresso prepared just so … Italians add sugar Germans and Swiss add hot chocolate, in equal parts Mexicans add cinnamon Belgians add chocolate Morccans add peppercorns Ethiopians add a pinch of salt Middle Easterners add cardamom and spices Austrians add whipped cream Egyptians drink it without any additions Why don’t your turn […]

Cappuccino: What’s in a Name?

Do you ever wonder where the word “cappuccino” comes from? The Capuchin order of Friars, in the 16th century, played a major role in bringing Catholicism back to Reformation Europe. These monks wore long pointed hoods, or cappuccino, as part of the order’s habit. The word cappuccino was then used to describe espresso coffee topped […]

If Caffeine Competed in the Olympics

This week’s coffee fun fact addresses caffeine’s super-energizing powers. Caffeine has actually been added to International Olympic Committee’s list of prohibited substances. Any athlete testing more than 12 micrograms per milliliter of urine risks being banned – which is about five cups of coffee. Have you ever gotten such a buzz from coffee that you […]


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