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Eco Friendly Coffee

Have you caught the eco-friendly fever? If you are trying to live your life in a more eco-friendly way here are some ways you can turn your coffee habit more “eco” friendly. Sustainable Coffee Beans There isn’t an official label or title for coffee beans that promote sustainability of resources (both natural resources and human […]

El Salvador Coffee Plantations for Tourists

In the media recently we have been hearing about how El Salvador is having a tough time keeping its coffee industry profitable. The costs of coffee production keep increasing in El Salvador despite coffee prices declining – meaning it costs more to grow the coffee beans but the farmers can’t increase their prices to compensate. […]

Caffeine Inhalers – Will They Replace Gourmet Coffee?

“Breathable Energy … Anytime, Anyplace” Last month the dietary supplement product called AeroShot was introduced to New York and Boston consumers as quick way to get enough caffeine in their system that is equivalent to a large cup of coffee. The small canister is about the size of a tube of lipstick and releases a […]

What’s the Best Temperature to Drink Coffee?

While the answer to this question may be a personal taste preference – some like their coffee near scalding while others like it just above room temperature – there is a somewhat “scientific” answer. This is because the temperature of coffee can affect both the taste and aroma of the drink. High heat can cause […]

Coffee Consumption in the US

Recent research by StudyLogic reports that coffee consumption is growing in popularity! Consider the statistics: US is still the world’s biggest consumer of coffee Americans drank 77.4 billion cups of coffee in the year ended June 30 American coffee consumption valued at $35.79 billion during the same year Consumption of coffee in the workplace was […]

Give an Online Coffee Gift Certificate

Did you know that you can send a gift certificate for That’s Coffee to your friends and family? Perhaps you don’t know exactly what kinds of coffee brands the recipient likes or perhaps they are spontaneous and always up for trying new things. The gift certificate lets them choose what types of coffee to order […]


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