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Caffeine Inhalers – Will They Replace Gourmet Coffee?

“Breathable Energy … Anytime, Anyplace” Last month the dietary supplement product called AeroShot was introduced to New York and Boston consumers as quick way to get enough caffeine in their system that is equivalent to a large cup of coffee. The small canister is about the size of a tube of lipstick and releases a […]


What would you do for premium, quality espresso anywhere, anytime? The Handpresso was designed to make espresso anyplace you want. It is compatible with Easy Serving Espresso coffee pods that are widely available. Not only does it make good quality Gourmet Coffee it provides the fine, frothy and smooth crema that tops all outstanding espresso. […]

The MugStir

(by Quirky) The spoon that hangs with you! The MugStir hangs on to the side of your coffee mug so you don’t have to use communal spoons or disposable stir sticks anymore. The set of three spoons are stainless steel with different colored silicone-coated handles for easy identification. Check out more details at