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All Good Things Come to Those Who Wait!

The Japanese ultra fashionable drip fed coffee makers are being seen in more and more US coffee shops. Like San Francisco’s Blue Bottle Cafe on Mint St. the owner fell in love with the device 26 years ago after visiting Japan and recently got one for his store. The Oji drip fed machines cost a […]

Coffee Powered Ink Printer

The RITI coffee printer is an exciting new eco friendly printer currently being designed. It hopes to use old coffee grounds in its ink cartridges. Ink cartridges create a lot of non biodegradable waste that more often than not ends up in land fill sites. Ink is also a petroleum based product so in time will […]

Green Coffee Plant

A coffee company located in Cicero NY is going green. It already uses wind power for its roasting plant and has over 160 solar panels. The Paul Delima plant has been roasting coffee for over 100 years for many brands. The company also takes the used grounds to the local college to be made into […]

How Gourmet Coffee Will Travel with You!

There was a fun blog post recently in The LA times about a lady who travels and takes her little one cup coffee maker with her, its called a AeroPress and features two chambers for brewing. You simply place the maker on top of a cup then in the lower chamber add ground coffee over […]


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