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Host a Coffee Tasting Party with these Cupping Tips

We’ve all heard about wine tasting parties but have you heard of the new trend spreading across North America like a wild fire? Cupping is to gourmet coffee aficionados as wine tasting is to wine lovers. In this post we’re going to take a detailed look at what “Cupping” is and how you can properly […]

Using Your Own Coffee in Keurig and Nespresso Machines

It seems as if everyone I know either already has a single serve coffee machine like a Keurig or Nespresso or recently got one for Christmas. These are incredibly convenient – brewing a hot, steaming cup of coffee with just the push of a button. They are also simple to use and easy to entertain […]

Brew Better Coffee in 2014 5 Steps to the Perfect Cup of Coffee

There is nothing like that fragrance that fills the air when you make a fresh brewed pot of coffee, and there is nothing worse than that burnt oily obnoxious smell of poor quality coffee left to sit on the hot element for hours. People, please. Take the pot off the element after 15 minutes or […]

New Single-Serve Coffee Maker on the Market

Sales of single-serve coffee makers such as the Nespresso have doubled in the past three years and is the fastest growing segment of the home coffee market. These types of machines brew a single cup of coffee with just a push of a button – often relying on coffee pods or capsules. I have tried […]

Turning Your Gourmet Coffee Beans into Great Tasting Coffee – Every Time

Buying freshly roasted gourmet coffee beans is a great first step to preparing gourmet coffee at home. But the rest is up to you. Become an experienced barista by following a few simple rules throughout the brewing process. You can create the perfect cup for coffee each morning for yourself and wow your dinner guests […]

History of Espresso Coffee

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages that millions of people from all over the world enjoy. Various coffee shops nowadays are almost always packed with coffee lovers who crave their caffeine fix which completes their day. Stemming from a simple hot beverage, coffee has evolved to different flavors and varieties. Coffee machines are […]

What makes the perfect cup of coffee?

It’s all about the bean. Or, more specifically, that wonderful flavor you get from our gourmet coffee comes from the oils in the bean. But, like Superman and kryptonite, super oils lose their potency when exposed to oxygen. We seal our beans in airtight bags, with a one-way valve. You know those self-serve coffee bean […]

Differences in Coffee Grinds and When to Use Each Grind

That’s Coffee offers gourmet coffee beans in 4 different grinds: whole bean, espresso grind, drip grind and the ever popular French press grind. Most know what whole bean and drip grind are used for but French Press and Expresso are a bit more confusing. Well lets clear up the mystery so you too can enjoy […]

Tips for Serving Great Coffee

First and foremost it pays to look for a quality coffee. Also  coffee loses its aroma and taste after sometime, so its better to buy it freshly roasted. Here at That’s Coffee the coffee is roasted the same day an order is received. Another great tip to maximize the taste of your coffee is to […]

Influenced by Coffee Beans

If you enjoy drinking coffee then you will understand that your coffee needs to taste fantastic at all times. You will want to ensure that you buy the best coffee beans there are and that you know how to brew them correctly to give you a great cup of coffee every time. The coffee bean […]