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How to Store Gourmet Coffee Beans

store gourmet coffee beans

Coffee is the lifeblood of most people’s morning routines. Without a fresh pot of gourmet coffee most people would feel sluggish, unmotivated, and easily irritable. To avoid this, we recommend everyone keep a constant supply of properly stored gourmet coffee beans in their kitchen at all times. But how should said coffee be stored? What […]

Should I Freeze Coffee Beans?

This question has been asked over and over again. The concept behind the question is that the shelf life of most foods can be extended by being frozen.  Many generations have taught us to freeze or refrigerate whole or ground coffee beans just like we do other products such as meats, herbs and vegetables. The […]

Turning Your Gourmet Coffee Beans into Great Tasting Coffee – Every Time

Buying freshly roasted gourmet coffee beans is a great first step to preparing gourmet coffee at home. But the rest is up to you. Become an experienced barista by following a few simple rules throughout the brewing process. You can create the perfect cup for coffee each morning for yourself and wow your dinner guests […]

Whole Bean Coffee

If the only reason you buy coffee beans pre-ground is for convenience, maybe it is time to reconsider. Buying whole bean coffee has many benefits despite requiring a coffee grinder and about 30 extra seconds in the preparation method. Freshness – coffee beans begin to lose their freshness within 30 minutes and being to go […]

Coffees Around the World

In North America, coffee has many traditions. It represents conversation and friendship, is part of the morning routine and aids in boosting energy levels. But what about coffees around the world? Most people who travel have interesting stories of sharing a meal with a local or experiencing a new food or drink very different from […]

Espresso 201: Espresso Based Drinks

In Espresso 101, we learned the basics about espresso, the espresso machine, what to look for in good espresso and tips for making espresso at home. Now that we have the key ingredient in most specialty drinks mastered, we can start in on creating those specialty drinks. Have you ever walked into a coffee shop […]

Espresso 101: The Basics

Espresso is an Italian term commonly understood as “made quickly” just for you. Some may also say that espresso quickly perks you up and makes you more alert. Well with this article, I hope to quickly educate you on the basics of espresso and give you some tips for knowing how to identify good espresso […]

What makes the perfect cup of coffee?

It’s all about the bean. Or, more specifically, that wonderful flavor you get from our gourmet coffee comes from the oils in the bean. But, like Superman and kryptonite, super oils lose their potency when exposed to oxygen. We seal our beans in airtight bags, with a one-way valve. You know those self-serve coffee bean […]